Ramsgate ceramic artist exhibits works inspired by the Western Undercliff

Ramsgate ceramic artist and founder of the ‘Mermad’ swimming group, Vivienne Yankah

Ramsgate ceramic artist and founder of the ‘Mermad’ swimming group, Vivienne Yankah is showing a selection of works in her new exhibition ‘Litus.’

The display, held at 28 Addington Street Ramsgate and running until July 25, is inspired by

a deep connection and joy Vivienne has with the beach in where she swims daily and reflects relationships in communities, and the natural world.

The pieces are hand built stoneware and slip cast porcelain. The clays are used to enhance the texture of the vessels.

Vivienne also makes her own glazes which are used to represent the reflective qualities of water and stones from the shoreline, creating works which explore the landscapes and weathered coasts of Britain.

Vivienne says the ceramic works for Litus are in response to Ramsgate’s Western Undercliff beach.

She said: “Working with clay allows me to work from design and organically. For Litus, I have created a series of open forms which constitute ‘Drift’, displayed as an installation to suggest a sense of movement.

“This is a new development for me and I have enjoyed seeing how they work together and also hint at previous works informed by dry stone walls.

“I have ventured out of my comfort zone into sculpture with my totem piece. It looks at connections and the glaze references coastal landscapes.

“The process has given me the opportunity to reflect on how much my sense of community means to me and how it has grown through the past 18 months.”

Vivienne primarily makes hand built slab work, she also throws and casts smaller pieces. The work is made with the aim of bringing to the viewer a sense of a moment captured in time.

She said: “Over the past year I have become an addicted sea swimmer and unintentionally but happily set up the Mermad swim group. This has brought me closer to and submerged me in the coastal landscape that I love and deepened the inspiration for my ceramics.”

Vivienne trained as a primary school teacher. She first tried ceramics when she was 14 and has been addicted ever since.

She said: “ I love getting my hands dirty.”

Moving to Ramsgate 5 years ago has enabled her to become a full time artist and she shares Marl Studios  in Broadstairs.

Find out more at  www.vivyankah.com