Double vaccination proof to be required for entry at nightclubs

Double vaccination required

From the end of September entry to nightclubs and ‘other crowded venues’ in England will only be given on proof of full vaccination, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today (July 19).

At the latest covid briefing the PM said so far 96% of over 50s and 83% of 30-50 year olds have taken up the vaccination  offer in England. But there are still 35 per cent of 18-30 year olds – 3 million people –who are completely unvaccinated.

He added: “Though we can see the enthusiasm of millions of young people to get their jabs, we need even more young adults to receive a protection that is of immense benefit to your family and friends – and to yourselves.

“And so I would remind everybody that some of life’s most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to be increasingly dependent on vaccination. There are already countries that require you to be double jabbed as a condition of quarantine free travel and that list seems likely to grow. And we are also concerned – as they are in other countries – by the continuing risk posed by nightclubs.

“I don’t want to have to close nightclubs again – as they have elsewhere – but it does means nightclubs need to do the socially responsible thing and make use of the NHS Covid Pass which shows proof of vaccination, a recent negative test or natural immunity – as a means of entry.

“As we said last week, we reserve the right to mandate certification at any point, if it is necessary to reduce transmission. And I should serve notice now that by the end of September – when all over 18s will have had the chance to be double jabbed –we are planning to make full vaccination the condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather.

“Proof of a negative test will no longer be sufficient. Let me stress – we want people to be able to take back their freedoms as they can today.

“We want this country to be able to enjoy the fruits of our massive vaccination campaign. But to do that we must remain cautious and we must continue to get vaccinated.

“And that is why we are asking you to come forward and get your jabs now.”

England has today (July 19) moved to Step 4 of the Roadmap. This means the majority of Covid restrictions have now ended and has signalled the reopening of nightclub venues.

Cases across the UK and Europe are increasing, and the threat of a new variant remains but the PM says the delaying of the end of restrictions until the school holidays resents a ‘firebreak’ adding that lifting restrictions later in the year when the weather gets colder carries further risks as viruses tend to spread more easily in the winter months, and flu will be circulating.

The Prime Minister has set out a five point plan for living with Covid as restrictions are eased:

Reinforce vaccine defences by reducing the dosing interval from 12 to 8 weeks for all adults.

The majority of legal restrictions have been lifted and replaced with guidance to enable people to make their own informed decisions to manage the virus, emphasising caution and personal responsibility as cases continue to rise.

The test, trace and isolate system will remain, with all positive cases legally required to self-isolate. Contacts of positive cases are required to self-isolate until the 16 August, after which adults who have received two vaccine doses and all under 18s will be exempt.

Border controls will be maintained, including quarantine for all those travelling from a red list country, and for amber list countries unless double vaccinated.

Data will be continually assessed and contingency measures retained if needed during higher risk periods, but restrictions will be avoided if possible.

Government will review the current guidance in September.


  1. Excellent! Now, can we also have them for theatres, museums, galleries, pubs, restaurants and any other non-essential businesses open to the public?

    • If they do then there’s going to be a bit of an issue with all those in the country illegally. If covid passports become as widespread as you wish, then we’ll have to legitimise all those here that shouldn’t be. That’ll kick another massive hole in the exchequers forecasts.
      Might just as well call the passports an ID card with covid data, for all the difference there’ll be.

      • “Legitimise”? Either that, or restrict what they can do unless they apply to stay in the country legally.

        I’ve always thought ID cards would be a great idea anyway.

        • I’d be quite happy to have ID cards but only on basis that something is done about the 2 plus million here illegally.
          However no governement wants to admit that many are here or have to shoulder the costs of bringing them into the system.
          Plus if we were to legalise the status of those here ilegally it’d just become another incentive for even more to come. So instead we do it by the back door by not questioning the not inconsiderable numbers of children that are enrolled at schools with effectively no background and contiuing to allow unrestricted access to the nhs. One of the quandries of our time.

          • You are not still falling for that one are you? Weren’t the Boris bus lies enough? Getting tough on immigration is a gimmick to garner votes from the tabloid reading gammons-not a reality. ID Cards would just be another way to further intrude/trample on peoples rights. 1984 is looking more & more likely.

    • You dictator Peter. What a miserable world you will happily have our kids grow up in for your bad health choices

      • Car drivers have driving licences,plenty of people have passports, some have bus passes, so why not have an ID for all UK citizens ?

    • Rather pointless Peter, since either 60% or 40% depending on which one is a lie from Vallance yesterday of double jabbed people are in hospital with Covid-the promise we were & are being sold being that getting double jabbed is almost a guarantee that you will not end up in hospital with it.

      Reality is this clearly isn’t as effective against Delta as we were told & who knows how effective it will be against the Peru or any other variant that takes off due to the governments incompetence of letting them in. More lies from the worst bunch of liars in UK history that the public fell for.

      • The figures are more complicated than that. We know that the vaccine isn’t 100% effective, so if everyone in the country was vaccinated then we’d have 100% covid patients who’s had the vaccine! That doesn’t mean to say that it isn’t working for most people.

        • I dont comment on this page often, but you Sir Peter are something else. Angers me even reading your comments. My father didn’t fight in a war for people like you tell our kids they are banned from everywhere because they won’t be forced into something they don’t want. Do you even realise what you are asking for?

          • And my grandfather told me the war was won by everyone trusting government advice. Of course, he could’ve refused to be “forced” to join the army or accept rationing or putting up blackout curtains.

    • So is being allowed to infect the most vulnerable people in society. I know which “discrimination” I’d prefer (and so would my frail and elderly mother).

      • Your mother can catch if from you or anybody else who is double jabbed-double jabbing clearly has aside from its overstated protection also led to many of those then acting like idiots-thinking they are immune/invincible. Just how far are you willing to bend over & spread for this bunch, that you would seemingly force people to be forced to vaccinate or starve to death? Maybe you would like the army to force people to have the jabs at gunpoint & just shoot them if they don’t?

        • “Starve to death”? Do you think people only eat in pubs or restaurants, or did you mis-read my post as much as you mis-heard Sir Patrick Valance?

    • Of course it is! That’s the whole point!! It discriminates between those most likely to kill others with CV from those least likely!!!
      A drivers’ licence is discriminatory: it says who can and can’t drive.
      A ticket to a concert is discriminatory: it shows who’s paid to get in and who has not.

      • For one thing you don’t have to show your drivers licence to anybody other than a cop, with a passport you would be expected to show your medical history to ever random Tom, Dick & Harry. Secondly it is now clear that being double vaxxed has such a negligible effect on Covid that the guilt trip of passing on something where the average death age is the average life span & most people don’t have any symptoms or those akin to a stomach bug or mild flu has no bearing.

        • “…it is now clear that being double vaxxed has such a negligible effect on Covid …”
          And the data to back up this comment is …?

  2. ‘We reserve the right’ Johnson says. This is classic behavioural psychology nudging trickery to try to get the young to get the experimental gene therapy on emergency licence, with trials not ending until 2023. This is coercion despite young people / children being more at risk from adverse reactions of the experimental so called vaccines than from virus. The UK government/MHRA yellow card reporting system is now showing well over 1 million adverse reactions and over 1,400 deaths (thought to be up to 10 per cent of the true figures). Deaths in the USA are over 12,000 (CDC). These rushed to the market jabs have never been tested on the pregnant and the implications of fertility have not been explored, and yet they want to use them on the young? Who thinks that the Nuremberg Code developed after the Nuremberg Trails was baseless and a scam or a ‘conspiracy theory’?? This was devised to make sure that the Nazi’s forced and experimental medical experiments were never forced on human beings again. Dr Sam White’s lawyer’s letter to the Chief Executive of NHS England calls out the enormous amount of irregularities around this programme. For people who like to deal in real facts, here it is

    • Call me old fashioned, but I tend to get my facts from legitimate news sites (like this one), not via anonymous comments.

      • There is no legitimate news-it is all slanted/dictated by what the bosses of those papers or stations political persuasion is, or what the government dictate they beam into your home. Reality is BBC News is no more credible than GB News.

        • Isn’t the site we’re on credible? If I thought it wasn’t then I wouldn’t be reading or commenting on it.

      • Of course, “died within 28 days of a positive covid test” is an unreal fact, most certainly its factually correct but is used to promote the idea that any death under such circumstances is directly related to covid, which is not factually correct.
        We could do the same in respect of vaccination. “Died within 28 days of receiving a covid vaccination” any death within that group could be presented as suggesting that the vaccination is dangerous, but we’re all capable of realising it would be just as disinterested as dieing within 28 of a positive test.
        So having accepted the statement for the vaccine deaths would be untrue why do we still accept the statement in respect of covid deaths?
        Appalling use of statistics that create unreal facts.

    • I note that taking a Covid vaccine is orders of magnitude safer than not taking it.
      Safer than long haul flying.
      Safer than taking the contraceptive pill.

      • Considering the average age of death from Covid is 82.3 years & the chances of severe problems in younger people is minuscule & we learned yesterday the government have been lying about the effectiveness of the jabs it would surely be wise not to have it?

        The reality is the drop is largely due to the measures in place, which have been rushed through far too quickly & the last of which were removed yesterday. The latest wheeze is an ID system for nightclubs, but not until the end of September-so 70 odd days of morons sweating & spitting all over each other in confined spaces-meaning by that point it will be of little use, what a waste of time.

  3. The Dutch reopened night clubs, then closed them a month later, their PM admitting it had been a huge mistake.

  4. Arguments against the vaccine passport on the grounds of religious or ethnic discrimination are flim flam.
    If there were medical reasons why certain ethnic groups (for example) could not take the vaccine, there might be an argument. But the virus does not single out people because of the colour of their skin, and the vaccines are equally efficacious no matter what your religion.
    If people choose not to be vaccinated (perhaps by being misguided by fake, false and misleading opinion on social media) that is their right; but they must accept the consequences that go with it.
    It’s a stark choice for the hospitality industry: do everything possible to stop the spread of the virus, or close.

    • Agreed, the objection should be on the grounds of having to hand over your medical records to random people, currently the government are trying to make everybodies records available for marketing purposes to pharma companies etc with the majority of the public not even knowing this. It has been delayed due to objections-but yet again our private details both personal & medical are almost certainly going to be flogged off.

      Also if you keep going along with this then where does it end exactly? Nightclubs from September, but what else after that? Will you eventually need them just to walk the streets? To go & buy food to survive as supermarkets/corner shops etc are indoor settings which can get crowded? All this for jabs when new admissions to hospital with Covid are either 60% or 40% double jabbed-depending which one Vallance said yesterday is the truth. Of course by the end of September there will have been 70 odd days of nightclub spreading so it will be a waste of time anyway.

  5. 1. Vallance yesterday admitted that 60% of those in hospital are double jabbed, he later corrected it to say not jabbed, but that is a big error & who believes anything this rabble say any longer? Even 40% indicates these jabs are not very effective against the Delta strain.

    2. All well & good-but the end of September is two & half months away, by then regardless of if you agree with it or not it will pretty much be a waste of time as the damage will have been done. Once again the government are miles behind-just like with lockdowns & air travel which has let the variants in from other countries.

    • As Sir Patrick went on to explain, for the benefit of those a bit slow on the uptake: once everyone has had both jabs, then 100% of hospital admissions will have been double jabbed. The more people getting jabbed, the higher the proportion of any hospital admissions will have been jabbed.
      The moot question is: are *total* hospital admissions from the Vaccinated population rising, falling, or what?

      • The reality is not everybody is getting one jab, let alone two. We are talking about the here & now-either six out of ten or four out of ten-depending on which one is true of people in hospital with Covid have had both jabs.

        The promise to us was get double jabbed & you almost certainly will not have severe enough issues that you need to go into hospital-this is patently not true. The NHS is being swamped-which again was the promise that by getting double jabbed it wouldn’t happen.

        Quite obviously the jabs aren’t that effective & what has been keeping the numbers low was once again distancing measures, reductions on mixing & mask wearing-all things that have been eased & the numbers have shot up, the last of which went yesterday.

        • “The promise to us was get double jabbed & you almost certainly will not have severe enough issues that you need to go into hospital-this is patently not true. ”
          That statement is patently not true.
          World-wide data, published in academic journals, shows that people who have had both vaccinations are ~80% less likely to be hospitalised, and >90% less likely to die, than those not having been vaccinated.

  6. When “conspiracy” theorist said over a year ago that this was part of a long game to bring in biometric ID we were called crazy. Yet here we are.

  7. Yesterday sat at the bar down in my local boozer, was great to sit at the bar once again, kind of reminded my of my 14 birthday.

    There was a few of us sat sitting at the bar, was a wonderful thing.

    For the naysayers, yes we all practised self responsibility !

    Great that nightclubs can also open, Only down comment is the aggro that spills onto our streets.

    • I’ll carry on wearing masks in (or avoiding) crowded places, but I certainly look forward to sitting on a near-empty bus without a mask, as well as being able to witness pretty waitresses’ smiles in pub gardens!

      • Those overweight and obese disproportionately represent those with serious problems from covid and in turn make up the majority of hospital and icu admissions, can we force them to do something about the burden they place on the rest of society?
        No because there are too many of them and as a nation we’ve spent too many years normalising excess weight. We’re now paying the price. I have a bit of a problem with effectively forcing people to have a vaccine to protect those who’ve happily chosen to make themselves vulnerable tomany conditions and diseases of which covid is the latest.
        If we’re to have our freedoms curtailed in the absence of a vaccine, those placing the burden on the nhs should be similarly sanctioned.

        • Exactly-obesity is bankrupting the NHS & ruining the health of most of the nation now, but hey let’s guilt trip people who don’t want the jabs that patently aren’t anywhere near as effective as has been claimed into getting them & blame everything on them when it all goes tits up due to distancing & mask wearing no longer being done by the smug & sanctimonious we got jabbed so can do as we please brigade.

          • I think you’ll find that the people who are publicly spirited enough to take the vaccine are exactly the ones who will continue to socially distance and wear a face covering.

    • Covid death rate is minuscule-aside from elderly people in ill health your biggest risk is obesity & at 82.3 years old for the average death from this it is pretty much in line with average life expectancy.

      • Correct Steve. And incorrect Andrew. I think you’ll find the public spirited ones are the ones who know how to look after their immune systems naturally, eat healthily, exercise and know how to look at detailed research globally from medical and scientific experts disputing the official propaganda narrative via big Pharma and corrupt governments. They wouldn’t take experimental gene therapy on emergency licence, with trials not ending until 2023, because there is no long term evidence of safety and there are millions of concerning adverse reactions world wide, plus thousands of deaths. It is a crime against humanity to try to impose this on the young and those who hope to have children one day, as both doctors and lawyers are pointing out in great detail.

      • Precisely, however it should be also remembered that the fat covid patient that has unduly adverse effects due to the state of their bodies are far more likely to have additional ongoing health issues as a result of covid ( long covid if you wish to call it that).
        These people are going to be an even greater burden on the nhs and wider society as the years pass. The fixation on vaccines is blatantly avoiding some of the big issues. So perhaps the concept of what is “ public spirited” should be redefined.
        A slimmer fitter population would negate the risk from covid for huge numbers of people and have far wider benefits to the nhs and society. But for some reason the nations legions of inactive overeaters are some sort of protected species that have to be pandered to by us all.

        • Why this obsession with fat people? Shouldn’t they be allowed to eat themselves into an early grave if they want to, just as we are allowed not to have ourselves vaccinated against coronavirus?

          • Its not an obsession its just pointing out the basics ofwhats crippling the nhs. My mum ended up waiting nearly 5years for two hip replacements , because shewas forever pushed back by those in “greater need”, but when i visited her post op in hospital she was surrounded by huge people that were effectively bed blocking half the ward for months on end as the nhs tried to get them healthy enough to discharge.
            If the nation had been thinner and healthier we wouldn’t have had anywhere near the death toll or burden on the nhs, which in turn would mean we’d not be venturing down the road of being forced to have a vaccination to protect our unhealthy nation.
            Surely when over 60% of the population are overweight and unfit, suffer disproportionately from diabetes, heart and lung issues, wear out joints faster etc. There has to be either policy to address the matter or we just leave them to suffer the consequences of their choices. The latter wouldn’t be allowed , so we either do something about it or have to pay ever greater amounts to deal with their excesses on top of the risks associated with their inability to cope with infections such as covid.
            Just leaving those that wish to eat till they drop would be a way forward but in reality we spend fortunes extending their lives with no real expectation of them doing much about what got them into that state.
            Forcing a vaccine on everyone in order to prevent what they can do being curtailed is somewhat draconian in the face of a virus that kills very few people (rather than hastening death from existing conditions) and formwhich the human body is quite capable of developing its own immunity.
            Without doubt there are those for whom vaccination is beneficial and they should be offered it, just as resources should be targetted at the truly vulnerable.

      • The death rate (pre vaccination) of *infected* people was far from minuscule. But because of lockdown, the number of infections (and therefore the number of deaths) was limited.

        • The deaths were predominantly amongst those with pre existing conditions bot as a result of the virus itself, including deaths where “ there was a positive test in the last 28 days” is a piece of blatant statistical chicanery. If you’re a 30 stone diabetic with heart disease and breathing problems blaming your death on a virus that vast numbers of people shrug off without any problem is rather far fetched.
          As has been suggested manytimes and is somewhat supported by the average death rates over the past 5 years, covid hastened the demise of those whocwere likely to pass away in the near future anyway.

  8. Forced or coerced vaccination is a violation of:
    1) Nuremberg Code
    2) UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
    3) UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
    4) UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 5) Public Health(Control of Disease Act) 1984

    And blatant behavioural psychology trickery to nudge people is even listed in the Sage minutes. Shameful for any MP of any colour who supports this – or any medical professional (and that’s why some are speaking out).

    • In the UK, if you don’t want to be vaccinated against CV, then that is your choice.
      But there are consequences.

    • Democrat, what a load of old tosh! No one is sticking a gun to your head to have the vaccination, if you don’t want it that’s your choice but don’t expect the rest of the world to respect you if you’re not prepared to respect it, for crying out loud, there some countries in the world you are not allowed to travel to without certain vaccinations, you’re also not allowed to drive without drivers licence, tax and insurance, does that go against your bloody stupidity?

      • Keep up with the news Big Nose (what was your subconscious telling you with that name?). Government is trying to nudge it as mandatory for care workers. However, a lot of them care for their health too much and are seeing the adverse reactions and deaths from the jabs at first hand in their work and will work with lawyers to resist this. And that includes those in Thanet that I know. Cross party MPs are also looking at all of this as well. Stupid ones are those incapable of researching in any detail it seems.

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