The Modern Boulangerie launches Treat Club as thank you to loyal customers

The Modern Boulangerie

The Modern Boulangerie (TMB) in Ramsgate is launching a ‘Treat Club’.

For a £25 subscription, customers can access five free items from the TMB counter every month (purchase required) for a year.  The offer is worth more than £200.

TMB owner and head baker George Bellamy-Adams said: “ Treat Club has grown out of a couple of ideas.  The very popular reward system we offered people who pledged to the ‘Kickstarter’ which ran when we first opened in late 2019, and the loyalty shown to us by our customers during the three lockdowns we have experienced.

“We took a decision to remain open during all three lockdowns, opening up an extra day each week to ensure everyone could buy bread, we even supplied eggs (at cost price), as they, like so many things, were in short supply during the first lockdown.

“These difficult times have really brought out the community spirit in Ramsgate; people made friends in the queue and some people came in just for a chat.  The ‘Treat Club’ is a thank you to all our customers who have kept us going over the last 15 months.”

Treat Club giveaway

There are two Treat Club cards on offer for The Isle of Thanet News readers, if you can tell us what extra item TMB supplied to customers at cost during lockdown.

Email [email protected] with TMB in the subject line. Provide your name, contact details and answer. Deadline is midday on Saturday, July 24.

One entry per person max.

Two winners will be drawn at random on Sunday, July 25. Winners will be contacted by TMB.

Terms and conditions

The closing date and time for entries is as indicated in the competition information. Any entries received after the closing of the competition will be invalid and will not be entered into the competition.

Any limit on the number of entries a person or household may make will be clearly stated in the competition information. Entries received that exceed this limit will be invalid and will not be entered into the competition.

Entry to the competition may only be made through the applicable method indicated in the competition information.

The prize is as specified in the competition information.

The process for determining the winner of the prize is as indicated in the competition information. The winner is randomly selected from all correct and valid entries.

Personal data provided by entrants when they enter will be deleted after the competition has been drawn and winners notified.


  1. Thats just what Thanet needs, more fatties, obese, and morbidly obese people! What is the matter with people who seem to think they have the right to self harm by eating junk food, which could lead to diabetes, knee, and hip replacement, plus any amount of other organ damage, having to be treated from my taxes by the NHS. Duurh!

    • What a miserable person you are.
      It’s a relatively new business trying to survive in difficult times, do you complain about discounts that pensioners may get on certain days at local cafe’s or or reduced fares for people travelling on buses.

      • Well Bemused, I can’t help it if fat, obese, and morbidly obese people make me feel physically sick! Yes, I grew up in the 40’s and 50’s, when we had strict rationing, including just 2 ounces of sweets a WEEK! Recently I have seen morbidly obese women waddling along, barely able to walk, one had two walking sticks, and all of working age!

        Why are they eating themselves to death? Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? That won’t happen. It would be quicker if they just threw themselves off a cliff, making sure no one is below them first of course!
        This is junk food, and should have a health warning on it, saying how many calories it contains! Its just comfort food, no one needs it. Why don’t they open a green grocers, with advice on how to cook a carrot?

        • Dumpton every one in Thanet is not fat or obese and if you don’t like the look of people who are don’t bloody well look at them. it’s not rocket science.

          • Its been reported that 60% of the British population are overweight, or obese! What sickens me is that a large proportion of the worlds population are malnourished, or actually starving! I have donated extra cash to UNICEF, and the UNHCR where people are desperate for food help, especially in Ethiopia, Yemen, and Syria. So when I look around, and its not hard to miss them, and see these fatties abusing food, and themselves, I can’t help feel anything but disgust at the size of them, because they are physically repulsive! This shop is as bad as those selling cigarettes, and tobacco, and should be closed down as its a health risk!

  2. What gives you the right judge other people in this way, you self-righteous oaf! I suppose you are perfect – or you think you are. Good luck to George Bellamy Adams, and the Modern Boulangerie. Thank you for staying open, during lockdown. Ramsgate needs businesses like you. Take no notice of judgemental w⚓s
    Ps. “Durrh” is not a word in the English language!

    • Duuurh! If I am being self righteous then I have a right to be! When I was growing up just after the war, we had to turn our new council house front and rear gardens into growing vegetables, and to keep chickens & rabbits! I was the eldest of 3, and we all had our own strip of garden to grow vegetables, under the watchful eye of my dad! The animals were never pets, and we would feed them Dandelion leaves we collected, and the left over leaves etc from our vegetables. When a chicken stopped laying, my mum would wring its neck, then we kids would have to pluck it, while it was still warm. My mum would then “draw” the guts from the chicken, and boil the giblets, and somehow I always seemed to get a neck to suck! One chicken I remember was “egg bound”, and when mum was “drawing” its guts she found about a dozen yolks inside it, which she used to bake a cake!

      Incidentally, the only takaway food was fish and chips, and there was usually a queue outside the shop! Mum would sometimes put me in the queue while she went off to queue elsewhere, and took my place when she got back! No supermarkets of course, and nothing was wasted, sometimes when we didn’t have any rabbits, and one was usually in a stew all day, I would be sent to buy one, with the clear instruction make sure it still has its head on. This was because rabbits were sold ready skinned, and a skinned cat looks exactly the same as a skinned rabbit! My dad spent Sundays baking bread, because it too was rationed, but flour wasn’t! Any bread left over by Friday was turned into Bread & Butter Pudding, without the butter, and was the only snack we ever had! Thats why fatties disgust me, they would sooner spend their money on junk food, and takaways, that cook for themselves! Isn’t gluttony one of the deadly sins?

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