Margate dog owner alerts police after pet picks up ‘poison-laced’ meat

Polka picked this up in Hawley Square

A Margate dog owner has contacted police after her pet picked up meat laced with suspected rat poison.

Louise Oldfield was walking her dog Polka in Hawley Square when she saw her pet had picked something up in her mouth.

Horrified guest house owner Louise then discovered the potentially fatal package. She said: “Polka picked up the clingfilm wrapped beef and what looks like poison from on the grass. I saw it and got it out of her mouth.”

Kent Police confirms a report has been made an officers are “assessing the information provided.”

The incident comes just a couple of weeks after a report of five seagulls dropping out of the sky by Margate Job Centre. The resident who witnessed this says they appeared to have been poisoned with one gull bleeding from its mouth while still holding a piece of bread in its beak.

Louise added: “A month ago I reported a dead crow to DEFRA. I had thought it was after a storm but now I wonder. I’ve been seeing ham wrapped in clingfilm but didn’t think to open it although I’ve often chucked it into the bin.”

Swallowed poisons can cause gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting, diarrhoea, restlessness, staggering, disorientation, convulsions, lethargy, loss of appetite, twitching, dilated pupils, ulcers, heart palpitations, and coma.

It is not advised to induce vomiting even if you know the poison was swallowed, unless you’ve been specifically directed to do so, as some poisons can cause more damage if vomiting occurs than if left in the stomach


  1. Terrible! I’m glad Polka is safe. Poisoning is vicious and it sounds as if there is a deeply disturbed person willfully leaving this bait for some kind of personal perversity.

  2. Clare more than one I fear, there are some sick individuals out there good job Louise was keeping an eye on Polka I’d like to get my hands on this mentally disturbed piece of filth.

  3. Me too as with any form of abuse against animals or wildlife they have no care who dies could have been picked up by a small child and unfortunately the poisoner tends to escalate to bigger or more violent abuse. It is well documented in vet journals and psychiatric alike how most serial killers started with similar leading up to killing. Vet nurses are also aware of non accidental injury of a pet as an example as vets are and well advised to inform about them before it gets worse. It would help if anyone has valid suspicions please give details to vet or Police before worse happens. Having previously been a victim of pellet shot that hit windscreen instead of gull near Manston Tesco I know I may not be the intended victim but this is what concerns me.We must help catch this sick individual very soon.Glad Polka saved so distressing for Louise.

  4. So glad polka is OK. Margate has obove average population of people with mental problems. I’m from London and margate seems to have more dangerous people walking the streets than London streets. Why hurt innocent animals just to get a thrill? Sad deranged person.

  5. The council puts down rat bait and your dog is at risk of eating one of the victims. That is why you see dead crows, owls, seagulls, foxes and anything else that enjoys a snack of mice. Social housing poisons everything as well. If you have a cat or dog that eats a house mouse before it dies it may not just be a stomach bug that makes them I’ll.

  6. Keep your dog under close control, especially in the vicinity of houses etc.
    Rats spread the Plague, and at the moment we could really do without that. So we need to keep them down.

  7. why keep dogs under strict control near houses etc Phyllis? people should be able to walk their dogs without the fear of it being poisoned by some sick individual as for rats spreading disease that is true but what have we as humans been doing for the last 16 months yep spreading disease so are we comparable to rats?

    • Dogs should be kept under strict control near other people, especially dogs who like to jump up at people.

  8. Marva this is not about dogs jumping up at people it is about a sick individual trying to poison dogs and if you think that is OK you are as bad as the perp putting down poisoned food

  9. There’s a lot of jumping to conclusions going on in this comments thread. Why would anybody wrap meat in clingfilm if they wanted to poison an animal, rather than put it om the ground unwrapped?

  10. Marva It goes not matter whether this poisoned meat was wrapped or not it is only natural that a dog will sniff and given the chance will eat anything that smells of meat. This type of behaviour is not acceptable in a supposed civilised society a truly sick individual put this down knowing full well what the outcome could be trouble is the would be killer of this dog underestimated how alert Louise was. Even so this type of behaviour is not acceptable to most civilised people you do not seem bothered by this sort of event so where does that leave you on the civilised scale? when it comes to animals I will always be in their corner as for people I am a misanthrop and have no regrets about it

  11. You just do not get it do you Marva a sick individual left tis poisoned meat for a dog to eat that is not acceptable in a civilised society but then I ask myself are we? my answer in this situation no we are not but if you can live with animals being killed in such a manner where does that leave you and others who think it is OK to kill animals in this manner? in the asylum with the other mentally sick?

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