Viking Bay lift reopening faces further delay

Viking Bay lift Photos TDC

The planned reopening of the Viking Bay seafront lift tomorrow (July 17) has been delayed.

It was announced in April that surveys would be carried out on Viking Bay and the Eastcliff lifts with a view to bringing them back into operation following an outcry when ‘permanently shut’ notices were placed on both lifts at the start of that month.

A public outcry followed, including the launching of a petition by resident Barry Stickings, saying the decision should be reversed and the lifts repaired.

Mr Stickings, whose son is blind, said closing the lifts was denying inclusiveness for many people.

A reopening date of June 21 was initially mooted for Viking Bay but this was then set back to July.

Tomorrow’s opening has now also been set back.

A post from Thanet council says: “This afternoon, our lift repair contractors ran some very final checks ahead of the planned reopening tomorrow. We are very sorry to announce that during the final inspection our contractors encountered an issue with the doors that requires further checks to be carried out.

“As a result we are going to have to delay the long awaited reopening, until they are satisfied that it is safe to do so. We hope that issue will be resolved and we will be able to get the lift open again as soon as possible. However it will not be open this weekend.

“Our sincere apologies for having announced we would be ready to open, particularly as some of you will have made plans for the weekend on the basis that the lift would be working. We understand that this will be disappointing news.”

There is a needed minimum spend of £17.4k just to get the lift running for the summer season. This money has been allocated from TDC’s Brexit Readiness pot. A further £1,700 is in the budget for servicing.

A previous report to council said consideration should be given to upgrading the lift at an estimated cost of £45,000.

The Ramsgate Edwardian Lift is unlikely to be opened at all this year due to damage following the theft of lead from the roof and a need to replace and repair the first floor entrance.


  1. As I said on previous posts o this subject I do not think that the lifts will be open again this year, all we get is excuse after excuse from TDC

  2. Not an issue. I’ll just access the beach by Harbour Street. Lots of access down there for wheelchairs too.

  3. TDC is the biggest excuse of all time. All these grant for arty farty, minority groups being politically correct don’t get anything fixed. It makes a bigger divide between people and does not improve the quality of life in Thanet. All this government is doing now is saying were helping you with extra cash then as you see now there taking it back of the people and family’s that need it most, while big buissness keep there’s and up prices. Sad sad sad

  4. These contractors have been fiddling about this lift for years.get rid and get some who will do the job to price and on time instead of using council tax payers as a cash cow.

  5. So another week goes by and wheel chair users still cant get to the beach. Disgraceful! Bob Bayford is the councillor with responsibility for it. We need to hear what he is doing about it!

  6. And no thought given for people in Cliftonville again. Not even mentioned the Walpole Bay lift. When is work going to start on this well needed lift for disabled to get to the lower promenade and beach?
    When is work going to start on the Clock Tower toilets in Margate? Yet another year goes by with nothing done.

  7. By how much would you be willing to see your Council Tax go up in order to fund these projects?

    • I’d gladly pay double for clean streets without rubbish and weeds, all public toilets open all year round and all lifts open (to name just 3). And you?

        • I heard that man the council had employed to clear the seaweed for the last few years had left the council . That is why they have been paying Ovendens to do it this year. More money wasted.

    • council tax would not need to rise TDC have grant money coming out of their useless backsides use some o that to reopen the lifts but then you’d moan about that too Phyllis if the reopening helped less abled people.

  8. TDC can find and waste money on white lines on the Western undercliff that benefits who exactly? total waste of money when other more important things should surely come first, street cleaning, reopening of all public loos and yes keeping the beaches clear of seaweed, and all the lifts in Thanet should be reopened every one in Thanet deserves to benefit from all of the grant money they have won not just a few.

  9. Its funny how TDC found the money to purchase a privately owned amusement Par but cannot fix the property they are in control of. They have now sold it back for the 7 million they originally shelled out so how about spending it on the things are that are essential I don’t know what you think about the portaloos along Margate seafront but they are an eyesore and how much is that costing the tax payer, as I’ve said before TDC are not fit for purpose

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