Walk-in covid vaccination clinic to be held in Cliftonville

The vaccination programme

This Saturday (17 July), there will be a walk-in clinic in Cliftonville for anyone wanting to get a first dose Pfizer vaccination. 

The clinic will be at Cliftonville Community Centre, St Paul’s Road, between noon and 8pm. No appointments are necessary.  

Paula Wilkins, Chief Nurse at NHS Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Walk-in clinics continue to be an essential tool in making sure that as many people as possible receive the Covid-19 vaccine.  

“Covid-19 restrictions may be due to be relaxed on 19 July, but it’s more important than ever that as many people as possible have both doses of the vaccine, to keep themselves, their family and their community safe.” 

Those who receive a vaccination at the walk-in clinic, run by the Margate and Mocketts Wood Primary Care Network, are advised to visit the online national booking service a few days after their first jab to book their second dose. 

A vaccination information helpline0330 320 4444, has been set up provide more information on the vaccine and answer any questions people may have. This is provided by Involve Kent, with translation available if needed. You cannot book a vaccine using the helpline. 

Anyone aged over 18 can now have their Covid-19 vaccination. You can book an appointment online at nhs.uk/covid-vaccination or by calling 119, or you can pop along to one of our walk-in clinics. 

For a full list of walk-in clinics in Kent and Medway, visit kentandmedwayccg.nhs.uk/grabajab 

 More than two million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have now been delivered at GP-led sites, large vaccination centres, community pharmacies and hospital hubs across Kent and Medway since the vaccine rollout started six months ago. 


  1. Your natural immune system is your most essential tool – looking after it with a healthy diet, exercise, sunshine, being in the great outdoors etc. Why would anyone who cherishes this take experimental gene therapy on emergency licence, with trials not ending until 2023, and legal liability for any vax damaged waived for the drugs companies concerned? Official government MHRA (yellow card) figures now show that as of 30th June 2021 the Covid-19 vaccines have caused 1,037,376 adverse reactions and 1,440 deaths (these figures are thought to be only up to 10 per cent of the true figures). The toll in the US via the CDC, and Europe via the EMA are even higher. The make-up of these experimental jabs are completely unprecedented as many doctors across the world are saying loudly now. Funny how the mainstream media and social media censor them so fiercely. It is bad science to censor all opposing view points which don’t make big Pharma big money, and lawyers are out in force now at any attempt to enforce anything that is still in experimental stage, with proven serious side effects.

    • You claim that there is censorship, yet in almost the same breath you quote a completely uncensored and publicly available statistic about adverse reactions.
      So what’s the case? Is there censorship, or isn’t there?

    • I don’t know ANYONE who died after the vaccine. but l have been to 3 funerals of “non-maskers” who died after complications of covid. 45yo, 69yo, 70yo. Here are your facts.

  2. Censorship is not science.

    The”makeup” of the new vaccines has been developed from previous discoveries.

    The bit of MSM I read has not been doing much, if any, censoring about adverse reactions.

  3. In the UK, around 80,000,000 vaccinations have been administered. You claim a million or so “adverse reactions”. That includes people flagging such things as a sore arm, bruising, mild temperature.
    You say that 1440 deaths are attributed to covid vaccines. That means that you have a 0.002% chance of dying from taking a covid vaccination.
    The vaccination programme has saved over 14,000 lives (and prevented over 300,000 hospitalizarions). So, as I’ve pointed out before, it’s 100 times safer to take the vaccine than not.
    And I think your scare stories about unlicensed experimental vaccines have been ignored by a better informed population. 46 million have had a frest dose, and a further 35 million a second.
    Do you consider IoTN not to be Main Stream Media? Your comments about covid vaccination regularly appear here without censorship.

    • Andrew official figures show that 73 people have so far died as a direct result of the vaccine in the UK. Fairly low. I guess way more more chance of dying from this vaccine than winning the lottery lol. It could be more. If it can kill 73 people, I’m sure it’s done alot of damage to alot more than 73 people. 20,000 people on average a year die of the common flu. If we added onto that the amount of people who died with flu in their system in the last 28 days we would be way above most countries in deaths and be in same state of fear as we are now about it pretty much

      • Perhaps a better comparison would be between those that died SOLELY from covid and those that died purely as a result of the vaccine. If your figures for deaths from the vaccine are correct then i’d guess that the risk is much higher as a percentage of deaths purely from covid.
        The nation would benefit far more from dealing with the 60 odd percent who are overweight/obese , and people taking more exercise along with a decent diet. But as we’re a nation of the fat and lazy its much easier to rely on a vaccine, which does nothing to help with the diabetes, heart disease, breathing problems, creaking joints etc.

        • If Covid will not act as a wake-up call to the obese/morbidly/super morbidly obese after seeing how it has swept through them then nothing will. Although of course the pandering to wokeness has meant the media have generally tried to skip over it for fear of upsetting the Healthy At Any Size lobby.

    • The big problem is more side effects are now being reported-heart issues the latest. How many more will emerge in the future? How many adverse reactions were buried by the pharmaceutical companies as has been commonplace over the decades?

  4. As an example, let’s see where former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer, Mike Yeadon, gets any coverage in the UK msm regarding his detailed and expert concerns about the experimental jabs. He’s a contemporary of Whitty and Vallance and arguably more experienced and successful, and has now been interviewed world-wide by other medical and scientific experts, and German lawyers such as Reiner Fuellmich, developing legal cases with many expert testimonies. He has called out many of the lies, so the government relies on Ofcom to discourage any scrutiny of it all. The msm has also conveniently failed to cover any of the significant freedom protests in Dublin, Athens and across France yesterday, or the millions doing similar in London recently. On Yeadon (who has talked at rallies twice in Canterbury this year) calling out the predictable propaganda smears against him. https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/07/15/dr-mike-yeadon-destroys-reuters-fact-check-article-labelling-him-an-anti-vax-proponent/

    • Mike Yeadon is widely discredited in the scientific community, because his opinions are just that: there is absolutely no scientific evidence nor credibility for his assertions.

      Just think a bit: is there any sane reason why world governments in collusion with the global scientific community would unwittingly bring harm to the peoples of this Earth?
      I do not understand why the likes of Democrat keep on posting this stuff.
      I can only imagine that they are sorely misguided, or dangerous trolls.
      Get vaccinated. It’s 100s of times safer than not. It’s safer than a long haul flight. It’s safer than being on the pill.

      • Why? Because there is a long history of pharmaceutical companies hiding/manipulating trial data-even when people die to get their product to market so they can make huge profits-governments can only go on what they are told.

        Look no further than the Opioid Epidemic-Purdue among other companies in the 1990’s sold their poison to doctors via aggressive marketing & bare faced lies. The toll in terms of premature deaths & ruined lives the last 25 years has been insane.

      • Andrew it is complete and utter nonsense that Dr Mike Yeadon is discredited. Really sad that you try to smear real professionals like that who can be seen in video interviews with some of the top medical and scientific experts across the world going into the medical dangers in great detail. I think you might also have transference problems calling me a troll. Predictable and amusing, and unworthy of even the lowest Brigade77 pay grade propaganda merchant. It’s completely unsafe to risk your health with experimental gene therapy on emergency licence, with no long term trials, with very little informed consent. And with incorrect statements that it is safe for pregnant women, while not including them in any of the trials. The level of side effects and deaths is unprecedented for any so called vaccine right across the world. I repeat that this can be seen in MHRA, EMA and CDC data and has been analysed in depth via independent bodies such as the Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy – who wrote to the MHRA and every MP on this. The truth cannot be hidden on this.

        • I accept that you are not a troll. Just misguided.
          Here’s another fact (from the Evidence Based Medicene Consultancy article about Covid vaccinations):
          “We are aware of the limitations of pharmacovigilance data and understand that information on reported Adverse Drug Reactions should not be interpreted as meaning that the medicine in question generally causes the observed effect or is unsafe to use.”
          So even EBMC acknowledges that their report is unsubstantiated.
          If it was submitted for peer review, and published in an academic Journal, it would be more credible.
          But there lies one of the problems facing anitvaxxers- the “research” upon which they base their arguments are wholly unsubstantiated.
          But *even if the findings of the EBMC were true*, it is *still* the case that it is orders of magnitude safer to take the vaccine than not.

  5. The 4 comments under that “Daily Expose”article show you what sort of people read and believe that sort of thing.

    • The Daily Expose is just one example of one news source which cites proven facts from official statistics across the world and often quotes medical and scientific experts. The comments on here and some of the regulars are hardly enlightening sometimes are they Marva – just a stuck record of people afraid to explore the real situation or citing any real information themselves. I notice you didn’t comment on Dr Mike Yeadon which was the whole point.

        • I think you are misguided to think the government actually care Andrew. What would have saved thousands of people is telling them to cut their alcohol consumption right down because during recovery your immune system is low. They could have said eat healthy. What did they do? They allowed just eat to advertise all day so people got overweight and depressed and therefore more vulnerable and allowed peoples drinking to spiral out of control with no advice. Then they came along after months of fear mongering and no advice that actually carried some common decency said here is the answer to your prayers. We don’t want you to be healthy. We want you to rely on vaccines that make pharmaceuticals billions. You spout all day long on here Andrew about other people needing to wake up and take the vaccine, but really you haven’t woken up. It’s not even conspiracy just common sense

  6. Trete is writing rubbish. The government doesn’t want us to be healthy? Why the hell would they want us to be unhealthy?

    It is paranoid conspiracy all right, not common sense at all, that Trete, Democrat and others like them are spreading- here on local e-newspaper, and not being censored at all.

    • The government would love everyone to be healthy , but that would mean delivering a pretty blunt message to 60 plus % of the population that personal responsibility would greatly improve their health , but people are lazy and quite happy for the state to mend the effects their lifestyles have on their body.
      Being so great in number the overweight and obese can’t benoffended as it’d be an open goal for anymopposition party to conjure up policies to placate the nations larger citizens.
      Odd that a country’s health policy is held to ransom by its least healthy / responsible citizens.
      In the meantime those who make an effort are expected to. Have their freedoms curtailed to protect ignorant/ irresponsible.
      So we’re all subjected to a campaign of scare tactics, misinformation and dodgy statistics to push through a fundamentally flawed health policy.
      As far as i’m concerned if you’re overweight and choose not to do something about it then you should expect to accept the consequences and not expect everyone else to pander to your self determined situation.

  7. I was watching the weekly Independent Sage broadcast just now.
    They think that the Government’s plan to open up on Monday, in the face of exponentially rising infection, hospitalization and death, with falling vaccine take up, completely baffling (to say the least).
    The advice they give is:
    If you must go out, wear a proper, high quality mask (not a face covering or face shield)
    Keep socially distanced.
    Keep rooms well ventilated; open doors and windows.

    It does trouble me that too few people wear a “proper” face mask. A bit of old scarf round your face does very little. A visor does nothing at all.
    And if you don’t wear a mask because you’re exempt, just consider: you’re not exempt from catching CV and becoming seriously ill (or worse) and spreading it in turn to your family and friends.

    • Vaccine uptake in the older age groups has been spectacularly high, rising rates of infection, hospitalisation and death need to be kept in context not screamed out as massive percentages of a low base.
      Theres no real evidence that face masks make a huge difference in cases other than those infected and symptomatic (ie constant coughin) innwhich case they should be isolating.
      Sage is going well beyond the bounds of sensible comment and doing little more than playing to the crowd.

  8. Marva it’s sad that if someone comes from a different angle to that you demand its removal. Government were under severe pressure by tech companies to accept their apps and do track and trace. Alcohol companies also have a big say over government in any decisions that might hurt their profits. Hence why legalising weed will always be difficult. Im sure it’s the same for huge Pharmaceuticals. Is it not questionable to you why they didn’t ask people to look after their health and allowed them to be in front of the TV with mcdonalds being advertised to them everyday? Profit over everything

  9. I have not “demanded” the removal of anti-vaccination comments but I think the editor should consider whether or not to do so.

    How do you you think the government could ban (ie not “allow”) the population from watching television?

    • How could you think during a pandemic they could not mention 1 time about people looking after their health?

  10. How do you think the government could ban (ie “not allow”) the population from watching television?

  11. In Trete’s 10.58 posting yesterday s/he wrote, “Is it not questionable to you why[the government] allowed [people] to be in front of the tv with Macdonald’s being advertised to them every day”.

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