Man taken to hospital following car and mobility scooter collision in Margate

Emergency services attended the incident Photo Frank Leppard

A man was taken to hospital with a head injury following a crash involving a car and a mobility scooter in Margate yesterday (July 13).

Kent Police was called to St Peters Road at 3.30pm following a report of the collision.

Officers attended along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and the man was taken to hospital.

The road was closed while the incident was responded to and was reopened at around 5pm.

A spokesperson for South East Coast Ambulance service said: “Ambulance crews attended the scene and assessed and treated a man for injuries including a head injury before he was taken to William Harvey Hospital.”


  1. it was only a matter of time before there was an accident with these things + no m,o,t – no insurance – no tax – and they can drive on the pavement !

      • All electric scooters in Thanet are illegal, so I hope yours gets confiscated soon, before you hit someone!

    • It’s always gonna be a matter of time with how people are driving round here recently. It’s like they have gone nuts during the lockdown. Especially the BMW drivers

    • Real World

      Perhaps I have missed something in this report, but how does a mobility scooter not having an M.O.T, or road tax become the cause of an accident?

      Please enlighten me.

      Do you know he had no insurance?
      Do you know the cause of the accident?

    • So keep all people with mobility problems chained indoors eh…

      People hurt people not vehicles. Never saw an accident between two vehicles without drivers.

  2. There must be some kind of legislation for rider’s of these mobility scooters, At least a test .
    And as for electric scooters ban them all together they are and their rider’s a complete danger on already busy roads.

    • Don’t think I have ever encountered one that said thanks when you make space for them on the pavement & most of them drive like total a’holes.

      • And Steve I have never received an apology from a person that has hit me round the head with their hand bag or when they have passed wind in my face manners could be learnt on both sides

    • Richard I saw a child, probably about 8 or 9, on an electric scooter two days ago, on the pavement, wobbling all over the place! All electric scooters in Thanet are illegal, full stop!

    • Luddite…that’s want they said about cars going over 5mph and taking away the man with the red flag walking in front.

    • Here’s an idea. Ban all vehicles because they all cause deaths and injuries in the hands of people. We can then all walk everywhere…carefully of running that might cause an accident.
      Or we are all trying to get places in our own way so share the space and stop being tribal.

      • It’s not a case of being tribal, it’s a case of being sensible and realistic,we all need to be responsible and I have not come across a scooter rider who says sorry when they behave irrisponsibly, let’s not pretend there is not a problem here.

        • There is problem within all modes of transport. Many many people are injured and killed everyday by people in and on all forms of transport. It is tribal..BWM drivers are all bad, scooter riders are all bad etc …

    • They are limited to 8 mph, some go slower. To require a license, and tax and insurance, a motorised vehicle must be able to exceed 15mph. My battery assisted bike is “governed” and can’t not go faster than 15mph. My bike has 6 gears, and the battery only kicks in when it ‘senses’ I need a bit of help, usually going up hill!

  3. Why not. It’s quite authoritarian to ban one over another. I would guess most injuries n deaths are caused by people in cars so ban them. I have a car, a MTB, a road bike, a motorbike and a scooter all of which I use responsible. As in much of life the minority do not represent the majority. You can tell how civilised a society bis by how it treats it’s minority’s.

    • It will be a great day when most private cars are banned.
      Look at the terrible damage that they’ve inflicted on us. Look at how our towns and our countryside have been bulldozed down and ploughed up to make car parks, bypasses and motorways. Look at the huge number of people who have been killed directly and indirectly because of motor cars.
      Let’s get the things banned.

  4. Yes tax every form of transport,why not, after all they all use the highways and the money raised could be used to improve public transport, also we need to crack down on all untaxed and uninsured

  5. No such thing as road tax. It’s vehicle excise duty. Non polluting vehicles attract a zero rate. Electric cars… And therefore bikes, scooters would not.

  6. Private cars should be banned, or be made unable to travel at speeds greater than 20mph, except on motorways. Public transport should be massively improved.

    • what a stupid comment to make it is beyond silly, even for you Marva, and just because you idolise public transport does not mean everyone does you stick to using buses and trains and let others use the transport of their choice

  7. It might be cheaper to use a taxi once a week(if that’s how you shop) than to own a car.
    Iwouldn’t know, I’ve never owned a car.

    • Taxi’s are you sure ? Have you seen the state of some of the taxi’s in thanet ?.

      Dirty old bangers most of them , I thought taxi’s had to have 2 mot’s year, clearly not any more. I thought taxi’s had to be clean and checked by TDC, clearly not.

      Personally I think taxi’s that carry our most precious things to us, our family. The drivers should be advanced driving standards and cars no older than 6 years.

  8. My comment is not “beyond silly”- on the contrary. It is extremely sensible. The widespread use of the private car is extremely damaging to society in many ways.

    • But on balance the benefits far outweigh the problems. Plus if we had the resources and will to take all the untaxed/uninsured/ disqualified drivers and vehicles off the road there’d be far fewer problems. But that will does not exist.

  9. I notice there’s not much sympathy for the injured scooter rider who may well have been going about his/her daily business in a perfectly safe and reasonable manner. Also, the accident happened less than a mile from the QEQM and yet the rider was taken 30 miles to Ashford.

  10. I would be delighted to pay road tax, and insurance on my battery assisted bike, but I can’t as they don’t exist! The problem with this idea is, how could you insure a child on a bike? And Road Tax may put people off buying a bike, which is still a better option than using a car! Most journeys by car are less that 3 or 4 miles, which could easily be done by bike!

    I ride my bike at least 4 times a week, sometimes more, and in recent years I get more and drivers nearly brushing me as they overtake, its not because they do this deliberately I think, its because cars have got bigger/wider, like their occupants probably!

  11. Road Tax does not get spent on roads!
    So saying cyclists should pay road tax because they use the roads doesn’t make sense!

  12. I don’t think the benefits of mass private car use outweigh the problems. And I never will.

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