Emergency services attend medical incident in Margate

Emergency services

Emergency services are attending to a person in a medical incident at the rear of Turner Contemporary.

Kent Police, South East Coast Ambulance and the air ambulance were alerted just after noon today (July 11).

Photo Isabelle de Ridder

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at around 12.07pm to Rendezvous, Margate to assist the South East Coast Ambulance with a person having a medical incident.”

It is understood a man suffered a cardiac arrest and was being tended by paramedics.

The person was taken to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford.


  1. Hope this person is ok.
    I wanted to comment on a previous article, also published today, about the RNLI bringing in illegal immigrants.
    However, this particular article did not give access to a comments section, resulting in nobody being able to comment.
    Is this CENSORSHIP in action, I wonder?

    • No, multiple stories on that topic have been derailed by people posting views somewhat akin to Farage or the BNP with the language used.

      • With each illegal arrival likely to cost the tax payer around 500k each ( admin costs, nhs, education and housing etc) assuming they all remain model citizens and don’t miraculously suddenly find they have long lost family that they wish to join them here or pursue less than honest lifestyles here, its perhaps not surprising that there are those who are dismayed at whats going on and wish to express this.
        There is a degree ofsuppression of these views on the grounds of the form of words used at times, that there is an inability to read the substance of such comments and instead focus on the language used is discriminatory in itself.

        Its an odd world where illegal entry and refusal to provide genuine information as to who you are is a lesser offence than a few words of protest.

        Look at the condemnation of the fans who decided they didn’t want freeloaders getting into last nights game, no police in attendance and stewards who were helpless / not inclined to act.A minority of the paying fans decided they would meet aggression with aggression, in the video i saw it seemed to stem the flow of ticketless fans trying to force their way in. Probably not a course of action many of us would have taken, but i have some respect for those who decide that enough is enough and act to maintain order and respect for the rules.

        • LC- Are you suggesting that after having “a few words of protest” published, someone is likely to be banged up in a place of detention (not necessarily a prison)?

          • No, and they’re not “ banged up” , they’re being held in secure accomodation whilst the veracity of their claims is determined ( if possible) before being processed into the wider system.

    • What happened to free speech you may say? But it seems to be generally accepted to restrict comments on stories like these in many newspapers now as some people tend to jump in and rant about racist stuff on both sides of the story. It’s a shame we are forced just to accept it as written without common sense taking place, but there is also the fact that the editor not having the time to moderate all comments so in effect it is easier to turn of the comment section.

      • Hasn’t there always been (so-called) “censorship” in newspapers, or do you think the editors of old automatically published every letter they received? We are effectively getting a free daily newspaper on here, so I think it is more than reasonable to expect Kathy et all to have some control over things. Of course, you are all more than welcome to create your own blog or website and write whatever you want as long as it breaks no laws.

        Of FAR more importance is the well-being of the poor chap who had a heart attack. As someone who was also blue-lighted (albeit it by road) to William Harvey following a heart attack a few years back, I know just how terrifying that can be – particularly for my loved one who was with me.

    • Unfortunately some people are unable to stop themselves crossing a legal line when making comment. As publisher I am liable for this, not the actual commentator, and that is why I close comments. You aren’t censored because you are free to make your comment on your own platforms, twitter/facebook/wherever, just not on the one that I pay for and am legally responsible for. You only have to take a look at the outfall from last night’s football to see why comments might get switched off sometimes.

        • It isn’t the gazette, it is The Isle of Thanet News, totally separate publication. I have to pay for the website and for the site to be hosted, I pay for it to be managed (for when technical things go wrong) I pay for the various plug ins that make things work and I also need to be paid for my time spent writing/editing/publishing as I too have bills to pay.

  2. i totaly agree with Ton – i too wanted to make a posting , i am a ramsgate resident and ratepayer , and would hope i could make a comment . i think its blocked for obvious reasons ?. we will turn into another dover

  3. So person has cardiac arrest qeqm heart unit not good enough has to be taken to Ashford.not good enough thanet.we deserve better

  4. Ramsgate lifeboat 24 miles off Ramsgate must mean outside UK waters which puts persons at risk in UK waters it covers.wheres the EU covered for that area that’s my concern that we now are french and Belgium lifeboat service. Not complaining if really Ramsgate lifeboat is the nearest to France to assist

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