Margate Winter Gardens to re-open its doors for Euros final

Margate Winter Gardens Photo Mike Nichols

Margate Winter Gardens bosses are re-opening the iconic venue early to show the England v Italy Euros final on Sunday.

After being shut for more than a year due to Covid, the main hall will finally open its doors again in celebration of England’s major footballing achievement.

Tickets were being sold as tables of six but were snapped up quickly, with the event now sold out.

Initially, the venue was due to open on August 21 with a Club Tropicana event.

Dreamland will also be hosting the Euros final at its fanzone after a successful screening of the England v Denmark game.

Theme park bosses were forced to cancel the viewing of the quarter-final victory over Ukraine after chaos broke out when England beat Germany.

Tables were flipped over and flares set off, leading to the tough action to cancel the next screening.

But fans will be able to watch the game from the outdoor setting at the park on Sunday.



  1. So basically opening up early to cash in on England being in a final!!

    Who on earth would want to be stuck in there for hours to watch a match?

    • … with coronavirus infections rising exponentially…
      Well, it seems plenty of people do. The venue is sold out.

    • Just like sports direct selling England shirts, just like novelty shops selling England flags, just like Wembley selling tickets, how very dare they take advantage of an event just to take our money to make a living and pay their workers a wage, how dare they……oh wait!!! we have a choice ‘not to go’ if we disagree 🙄 what a Muppet thing to say🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. If you talkto people who were at Dreamland for the football, the story is very different. The “chaos” was jubilant fans celebrating, as with such things a bit of beer got thrown about, and a few of the apparently very ricketty tables collapsed, all taken in good humour by those there. Those there had a great time and had no problems, including parents with younger children.
    At least the ones i’ve spoken too.

  3. Not according to the images of people up on the stage and tables being turned over, flares being let off. Dreamland stopping the next game as they cannot supply security to deal with that kind of behaviour, but all taken in good humour by those there eh !

    • As we all know images are very easily presented out of context. I was merely giving an alternative view of what the evening was like as related to me by people who were there. Given the mix of drink, passion for football and excitement of the team doing well , did anyone really expect the fans to remain seated doing a silent one hand clap of appreciation?
      It must be remembered that of late Dreamlands owners have been more than keen to explain why things can’t be done, whilst at the same time having the place up for sale. Possible creating the narrative of a park that is financially untenable and requires a new future for part or whole of the site.

  4. who will pick up the bill when its reduced to firewood ? and quite right i would not want to go there to watch a football match – in fact i wouldnt go anywhere to watch a football match !!!

      • Clearly, “real world” does have an interest, otherwise (s)he wouldn’t have commented.
        I’m dreading Sunday night, quite frankly. No matter which way the result goes, there will be hoards of drunken “fans” rampaging through the streets following the final whistle.
        I’ll be glad when it’s all over.

        • Ditto Andrew. I really don’t understand what it is about football that brings out such unruly behavior. It doesn’t happen with rugby (a far more aggressive sport), and in the USA baseball is a very friendly family event.

          As for me, I’m looking more forward to the tennis finale.

  5. Perhaps the money they make out of this could be spent on upkeep of this venue, it’s an absolute disgrace ,when was the last time the outside had any maintenance and painting all the iron work is going rusty, it is a an eyesore..!!!!!

    • Got to agree with you Eastlands, last time I went passed the winter gardens a few months ago I thought it was derelict and closed for good.

      Going by the outside of the building I wouldnt set foot inside it let alone buy food or drink in there !

  6. Thanet is an eyesore. Should be fund raising events for local use sponsorships for parks and gardens, central reservations, paintwork etc. Westgate is a great example of community doing its bit.

  7. Dave T its known as freedom of speech ,we are allowed an opinion even if we are not interested in a field full of over paid over rated prime donnas .

  8. It’s amazing how “passion” is only found after a few pints of beer!

    Personally I see it as an excuse by the few to get pissed and start trouble whilst the majority try to enjoy it.

    Football a game for gentlemen watched by thugs,
    Rugby a game for thugs watched by gentlemen.

    Quite sad that national pride only comes out after a few Fosters watching a football team that you slag off when they lose or when the players play for their club sides!

  9. Ironic that most of these England “fans” will be pi$$ed on lager (foreign) rather than proper beer (British)

  10. Your leisure receives a large management grant from TDC to help the winter Gardens . Where has it all gone it has not been spent on the venue its self.
    I am now concerned with the air circulation in the big hall .I hope the local authority will risk before the event .. I would not go now

  11. i would like to know if its no longer an offence to let off flares and noxious smoke grenades in public ? or is it only allowed at football matches

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