King Ethelbert students raising mental health awareness and funds for Young Minds

Business students raising mental health awareness at King Ethelbert School

King Ethelbert School students are holding a series of events as well as setting up numerous information outlets to help raise the profile of young people, the importance of mental health, and also raising vital funding for the ‘Young Minds’  mental health charity.

This year, as part of their vocational studies, the Year 12 BTEC Business Group students at the Birchington school decided that due to the pandemic and the issues that ‘lockdown’ posed on young people, they wanted to help raise the awareness of mental health.  The students are hosting multiple events in June and July to help raise awareness for mental health within the school community, have fun and increase the morale of pupils, especially after the burdensome year of the pandemic.

The business students will be hosting events including:  an in-house ‘Bake-Off’ where students can bring their baking skills to the floor, a ‘Beverages Stall’ where they can raise funds for their Sixth Form Centre, a ‘Fun-Day’ where students can play sports and complete mindfulness activities and in partnership with the ‘KEStival’, a stall in the evening whereby they will promote mental health awareness to parents.

Starting this week, there will be mental health  information stalls installed in busy footfall areas to have maximum exposure for the students. The BTEC Business students will also be hosting assemblies to each year group – spreading information about mental health and asking the question ‘Do you know what mental health is?’ ‘Would you know where to go for support?’ and some activities for students to complete in their form-time for the week.

The students have dedicated these events to raise money for the charity ‘Young Minds’ – the UK’s leading charity committed to the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

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  1. Well done all involved in this. Poor mental health can happen to anyone at anytime and it has a wide and varied scale so it’s not all the same thing. Depression in young people can result in doing things they would regret when the recover. It’s recognising the signs of someone who is depressed which is important. They do not always understand what is up with them so they won’t ask for help. But it is important you can get help for them. Speak to a teacher, trusted adult or parent. There are numbers to ring for help like the Samaritans. Whatever you do, if you believe they could be at risk of harm then call someone, even the police who will be able to get help out to them.
    These King Ethelbert students are doing something important and should be proud of themselves for making mental health in young people a taboo subject worth talking about.

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