Margate Coastguard and RNLI teams in call outs for TEN missing children, unexploded ordnance and two emergency searches

A busy weekend on the beaches Photo Frank Leppard

Margate Coastguard and RNLI lifeguard teams have had a hugely busy weekend with 10 call outs.

On Saturday night there was a multi-agency search after a report of a person in trouble in the water by Turner Contemporary.

The operation involved Margate and Herne Bay coastguard rescue teams, Margate RNLI lifeboats, and a search and rescue helicopter. Kent Police also attended.

Margate RNLI’s B class and D class lifeboats were involved in the four hour search between Margate and Reculver Towers to the west involving visual and electronic means along with illuminating flares.

Photo HM Coastguard Margate

A HM Coastguard spokesperson said: “Comprehensive searches were completed with nothing found. The search has been suspended pending further information.”

Then yesterday (June 13) HM Coastguard Margate were tasked by UK Coastguard to assist Thanet RNLI lifeguards at Margate main sands to search for a missing child.

The beach was packed with thousands of people and searching was very challenging.

Shortly after the child was found but in the couple of hours officers were on scene they assisted with searching for nine missing children and gave minor first aid to several people.

Photo Frank Leppard

In the early hours of this morning (June 14) HM Coastguard Margate were tasked by UK Coastguard along with HM Coastguard Herne Bay, RNLI Margate D class and B class inshore lifeboats , Kent Police and Coastguard Rescue Helicopter R163 to reports of a person shouting for help by the Lifeboat station in Margate.

Extensive searches for a few hours were conducted with nothing being found.

All units were stood down around 3am.

A HM Coastguard spokesperson said: “The Coastguard Rescue Teams from Margate and Herne Bay, the Margate RNLI, Kent Police and the search and rescue helicopter from Lydd carried out a search in Margate just after midnight today (June 14) following a report of someone potentially in the water.

“A thorough search was carried out but nothing was found. The search has now been suspended pending further information.”

On Saturday the Coastguard team were also tasked to reports of ordnance on the beach at Sandwich Bay.

HM Coastguard Deal and Area Commander AC08 were also tasked. The object was located and confirmed to be an Armstrong round.

Bomb disposal were tasked and a controlled explosion was carried out.

HM Coastguard

A Margate Coastguard spokesperson said: “ This weekend has been an extremely busy weekend for HM Coastguard Margate with 10 callouts since Friday.

What needs to be noted is that our officers are volunteers and all have full time jobs alongside our rescue work.

Thanks go out to the dedication our officers give and thanks also to their families who have not seen them this weekend especially with the good weather.

Photo Rob Yates

“Please, if you are coming to the coast make sure you check tide times and be aware when visiting the beach, especially if it is busy. If you have children, keep an eye on them as it is so easy to lose someone in the crowds.”

In a coastal emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard


  1. Oh dear, the emergency services have been working flat out this weekend. Where were the TDC officers and workers making sure everyone is safe and well whilst visiting the beaches? Don’t work weekends or bank holidays no doubt, just when they are needed most. Not even an emergency number available for them. As normal it is come to Thanet and do as you please.

    • What an absurd comment!
      Why is it TDC’s responsibility to monitor wandering children, drunks at 1 a.m or unexploded shells on the beach?
      I know it’s open season for knocking the Council. But, really …?

      • Well said Phyllis Quot – one wonders what sad lives some people have with constant unfounded criticisms –

  2. Really all that needs to be said is a big thank you to all the RNLI Volunteers who gave their time and effort for free in particularly difficult conditions over a weekend when so many people were enjoying the beautiful summer weather ! Well done all involved !

  3. I arrived at Margate Harbour by boat on Wednesday to be confronted by LOUD thumping music played by 3 or 4 youths at the north east end of the Kings Steps. The sound dominated the harbour area, it is a shame some people now have no awareness of how their actions affect others. Back out to sea highlighted the contrast of Margate and the peace and quiet of sailing away from the coast.

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