Chilton little ones explore the wonders of life-cycles in nature

Learning about growth and life cycles

Learning has taken flight for children at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate where they have been nurturing caterpillars and watching them blossom into colourful butterflies.

As part of their general topic about Growth, the youngsters were spellbound watching the life-cycle. Each class had special kits allowing children to observe caterpillars transform to butterflies and when they were ready, the classmates were very excited to release them.

They also planted seeds and observed the changes are they grew and developed – allied to this they then explored the plants and trees that grow all around them in their school environment.

Another important aspect of the topic is about how humans grow, different life stages from baby to adult and what we need to stay healthy. This is all part of their learning on knowledge and understanding of the world.

Hannah Cheshire, Acting Deputy Head and Early Years Lead, said “The children really enjoyed getting outdoors and exploring areas of the school like our field and wooded areas.

“They made fantastic observations and really enjoyed planting and were fascinated watching the changes from caterpillars to cocoon and ultimately butterfly.”

Kate Law, Head of School, highlighted the importance of the topic for the youngest children at Chilton. She said: “It really inspires awe and wonder in the world around us.

“We are fortunate to have lovely grounds that the children can explore as part of their learning. The teachers and teaching assistants did a fantastic job designing learning opportunities that engrossed our little girls and boys and reinforced their understanding and appreciation of nature.”