Invite to family beach clean from Botany Bay to Palm Bay

Claire is inviting families to join the litter pick

A Thanet mum is inviting people to join her for a beach clean from Botany Bay to Palm Bay tomorrow (June 13).

Graphic designer Claire O’Shea,will head off from the Botany Bay beach entrance at 10.30am, joined by children Jaz, 8, and Marley, 6, and the family will work their way along the coast to Palm Bay.

Claire said: “It promises to be a lovely warm, sunny morning so a lovely opportunity to enjoy a beach walk whilst collecting any litter. I want our younger children to learn about the importance of respecting our natural environment and hopefully send a message to beach visitors to take their litter with them!”

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  1. Hopefully some of the visitors to our beaches will take note and not leave their own litter behind. Or maybe I am too much of an optimist!!! Thank you Claire, Jaz and Marley.

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