Margate photographer catches partial eclipse in pictures and video

This morning  (June 10) a partial eclipse of the Sun took place and Margate photographer Frank Leppard caught it on camera..

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes directly between the Sun and the Earth.

This morning’s eclipse was visible to people in the UK although the Earth, Moon and Sun were less precisely aligned, meaning the Moon appeared to only take a fairly small bite out of the edge of the Sun’s disc.

The eclipse started at 10.07am (dependent on where in the country you are) mid-eclipse was at 11.13am when 20% of the Sun is obscured by the Moon.

Viewing a solar eclipse is potentially hazardous and should only be attempted with caution. You should never look directly at the Sun!

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Grandad-of-two Frank used a welder’s glass and blue tack to adapt his camera so he could get the shots and video.

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The next full solar eclipse in the UK will happen on 23 September 2090.

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  1. Wow what a video to boast about to the Grandchildren, superb.Loved seeing it as bit cloudy when I looked for it at 10:30am really fascinating. Hope all appreciate your skills.Well done

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