Boundary changes proposed for Thanet with East and West constituencies

Proposed Thanet constituencies

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) has published its initial proposals for new constituency boundaries.

These include a change for Thanet from North and South constituencies to East and West. Currently the North Thanet MP is Sir Roger Gale and the South Thanet MP is Craig Mackinlay.

The majority of the isle falls into the East constituency which will contain the following wards:

Beacon Road


Central Harbour

Cliffsend and Pegwell

Cliftonville East

Cliftonville West

Dane Valley



Margate Central





Sir Moses Montefiore

St. Peters


The West Thanet area covers wards

Birchington  North

Birchington South


Thanet Villages

West Bay



The constituency also includes Sandwich, Reculver and Herne Bay wards.

The number of constituencies in the South East will increase from 84 to 91 (including two that must be given to the Isle of Wight).

The public are now able to view and provide feedback on the proposed constituencies as part of an eight-week consultation process.

The 2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies was formally launched in January this year. The Commission is required to ensure that the number of electors in each constituency is more equal; in doing so, the number of constituencies in England will increase from 533 to 543.

The Commission is undertaking an independent review of all constituency boundaries in England and will present final recommendations to Parliament by July 2023. Publication of the initial proposals  is the first time people get to see what the map of new constituencies might look like. The rules that the Commission work to are such that wide scale change is inevitable.

Under the proposals, just under 10% of the existing 533 English constituencies remain unchanged. Members of the public are encouraged to visit to view maps showing the proposed new boundaries and provide feedback before the consultation closes on 2 August 2021. People can comment on anything from where the proposed new boundary lines are to the names of the constituencies. There will be a further two rounds of consultation in 2022. Following the conclusion of all three consultation periods, the Commission will look at all the evidence received and form its final recommendations

Hard copies of the proposals can be viewed at places of deposit in each constituency.

In early 2022, there will be a six week secondary consultation, including holding a number of public hearings across the country, in which the public is invited to respond. After the publication of the revised proposals in the autumn of 2022, the Commission will conduct a four-week written consultation and invite the public to respond to these proposals. 7

The Commission must then submit its final report and recommendations to the Speaker of the House of Commons by 1 July 2023.


      • A BC is a Borough Constituency, mostly urban with a denser population, so usually physically covers a smaller area than a CC. A CC is a County Constituency, more rural.

  1. Hmmm . . . democracy now requires that we employ and pay for a further 10 MPs to represent the ever growing population . . .

    • The overall number of 650 MPs stays the same. Wales loses eight constituencies and Scotland two. It’s about where the population lives.

  2. It does make more sense to have the bigger towns and the villages in another, as they tend to have very different problems.

  3. More seats in the south, fewer seats in Scotland and Wales. This should ensure the Conservatives stay in power for a generation.

  4. Thanet east looks logical. Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs are all close together and function as a unit for many things.
    But Thanet west just looks like they cobbled together all the odd bits from Sandwich all the way to Herne bay, taking in all the villages on the way.

    Hardly a “community”. The MP would have a hard job claiming to be in touch with constituency opinion unless they had a very fast car and a lot of time to get around.

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