Victim suffers head injury in assault at Viking Bay

Emergency services called to Viking Bay

A man in his 20s has suffered a head injury during an assault in Broadstairs yesterday (June 3).

Detectives are appealing for witnesses to the incident which happened at around 5pm on Viking Bay sands.

The victim was injured during a disturbance involving a large group of people

He was treated at the scene by South East Coast Ambulance Service and the Coastguard. An air ambulance was called but he was taken to William Harvey Hospital by road to receive further medical attention.

​A 17-year-old boy was later arrested on suspicion of assault and taken into custody.

Detective Sergeant Claire Munday of Margate CID said: “There was a large number of people on the beach at the time of this incident and we are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information to call the appeal line.

“We would also urge anybody who has footage of the disturbance to contact us as it may assist our investigation.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference number 3-1100.

You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555111 or using the anonymous online form on their website.


  1. well at least that money they announced yesterday is going to sort all of these sort of problems out ! if you believe that more fool you . the people that comment on here about what a wonderful place this is to live need to wake up as too what this area is realy like , its going down the pan rapidly , who are these people that are flooding down here to live ? – probably laundering drug money from london ?

    • Yeah, everyone is coming down here laundering drug money, its the new Spain! Every single town and city in the country has problems with violence, it is not just in Thanet. Look at the news you will see it’s a national problem, mainly due to a crap government for years and years cutting back on services. This is the end result, no respect fro anyone or anything in the younger generation. But people will keep voting the same leaching government in and wondering why the country is getting worse……

  2. well said RL funny thing is they all think they are tories in broadstairs ( ted heath syndrome )

  3. It was very scary. I hope the kid with the head injury is OK. The paramedics and a PC were atop the cliff running to find someone. I’m sure plenty of people will have footage. Except me as I was driving.

  4. As previously mentioned, if they kept a social distance from each other there would be less blood and snot flying around!

    • The “Great Unwashed”going for their annual bath.You can still see the scum left,at low tide.

    • But I thought that the council were paying probe security to man the beaches to enforce social distancing another CON and waste of tax payers money there officers sit in there phones all day.

  5. NOT AT ALL – they are just telling it how it is , and not through the rose tinted spectacles most be people round here seem to be using !

  6. Anyone else remember TDC saying their new beach security patrols would sort all these problems out ?

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