Two people taken to hospital and man arrested following assaults at Margate Railway Station

Police and paramedics at the scene Photo Dan Thompson

Two people were taken to hospital and a 19-year-old man arrested following a large disturbance at Margate Railway Station last night (June 1).

The station area was taped off and witnesses describe up to 30 people at the disturbance, with Kent and British Transport Police and paramedics at the scene. It is understood a male was tasered during the incident.

Officers also brought in a dog unit after someone fled the scene.

A witness says a large number of teenagers could be seen crying as the incident took place.

A British Transport Police spokesperson said: “Officers were called to Margate Station at around 7.30pm  following reports that two people had been assaulted.

Photo Dan Thompson

“Both victims were taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries which are not believed to be life-threatening.

“A 19-year-old man from Margate has been arrested and remains in custody. Enquiries are still ongoing.”


  1. How lovely..not!!i was in the beach at Margate yesterday and the behaviour of the groups of teenagers on the beach was absolutely discusting.. So sad to see children act like this. Drink, drugs and fighting between themselves. The language was unbelievable. Lots off poor famalies on the beach having to witness them.

  2. So nice to see life returning to normal, or is it just the usual hot weather & bank holidays attracting all the Larrikin’s?

  3. Family overlooking what was going on said a man covered in blood ran from the police but was tasered in Canterbury road. Looked like a fight broke out and smashed bottles were used. Awful thing to witness. What is wrong in their minds that they need to be so violent and want to kill someone? Boris’ Briton today!

  4. And the police ramed this 19 year old at a wall doing a shockingly 30-40mph “THIS IS POLICE BRUTALITY”

  5. If they had all kept social distance from each other there wouldn’t have been any blood and snot involved!

  6. It’s just one local lad used a bottle as a weapon, the thousands of teens visiting from the medway seemed in good spirits all day. The difference between the haves and the have nots in Borises Britain is growing wider and might lead to more conflicts like this

    • Thank you for this comment. My teen ended up as one of the 2 in hospital visiting a seaside town, aged 18, in the sun on a day out with mates?? That’s why he was there. Why everyone is even mentioning Boris’ kids is beyond me. I’m not a bad parent, just one who ended up collecting him at 2am from hospital and luckily not needing surgery, or worse.

  7. Margate and Ramsgate are full of chavs. London is safer. Hate living here have been trying to sell house for years. Dumpster margate is so dangerous and depressing

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