Single dose covid vaccine receives approval for use


A single dose covid vaccine has received approval from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Janssen  is the fourth COVID-19 vaccine to be authorised by the UK’s independent regulator and is the first to be approved for protection against COVID-19 with a single dose.

Dr June Raine, MHRA Chief Executive, said: “We have undertaken a thorough review of the conditional marketing authorisation application submitted by Janssen, including the information on quality, safety and effectiveness. I am pleased to confirm that this authorisation has been granted.

“This is encouraging news for the public and the healthcare sector. We now have four safe and effective vaccines approved to help protect us from COVID-19.

“Our work does not end here. We are continually monitoring all COVID-19 vaccines in use once they have been approved to ensure that the benefits in protecting people against the disease continue to outweigh any risks.!

The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control is carrying out independent batch release on all of the approved COVID-19 vaccines to ensure that every batch meets the expected quality standards, and will do so for the COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen.

The vaccine can be stored at fridge temperatures, between 2 and 8 degrees, making it ideal for distribution to care homes and other locations across the UK.

Through the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce, 20 million doses of the vaccine have been secured for all 4 nations of the UK and first deliveries are expected to arrive from later this year.

The vaccination programme remains on track to offer a jab to all adults by the end of July.

Who can receive the COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen

The MHRA approval authorises the use of the vaccine in people aged 18 and over. The decision on whether to use the vaccine in pregnant or breast-feeding women should be made in consultation with a healthcare professional after considering the benefits and risks. People who have an allergy to one of the components of the vaccine listed in section 6.1 of the Patient Information Leaflet should not receive the vaccine.

The other approved vaccines are Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna. These are all two dose vaccines.


  1. Johnson & Johnson-the company that ignored the warnings from their own staff to withdraw their talcum powder in the 1970’s, but carried on selling it for decades(they still sell it in the UK)& knowingly exposed customers to Asbestos-they have set aside billions. Played a massive part in the Opioid epidemic. They have also messed up multiple things including hip replacements, vaginal mesh, engaged in bribery etc. You would have to be insane to let somebody jab you with this given their track record.

    • Fortunately, we don’t have to rely on your judgement in this case.
      The JCVI (along with other national agencies) has most carefully assessed the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine.
      Sure as anything it’s vastly safer than catching C19.

      • “The JCVI has most carefully assessed the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine”.Ha ha, and you belive that? You poor brainswashed sheeple.

  2. They are not safe and effective according to the adverse reactions and deaths listed regularly on the official MHRA (UK), EMA (Europe) and US (CDC) sites – thought to be about 1 per cent of the true figures. Or testaments of doctors and medical professionals, conveniently censored by mainstream media. The jabs are on emergency license and are experimental, with liability for vaccine damage waived for the drugs companies involved. There is no careful assessment at all. Law cases are developing world wide with tens of thousands of medical professionals and lawyers involved. But no sign in the mainstream media, completely censored to any free debate on any of this. However, word of mouth of adverse reactions and deaths is growing, plus fertility concerns. A healthy immune system is most logically the way to do, not an experimental gene therapy not through its trials until 2023.

  3. How would you describe clinical trials involving 20,000 adults from a wide age range and diverse ethnic groups? That seems rather careful to me.
    Is it possibly the case that MSM have not reported on the shortcomings of the vaccines (other than blood clots associated, very rarely, with AZ and widely reported in the press) because there are none?
    You say “liability for vaccine damage waived for the drugs companies involved.”
    And in the next sentence “Law cases are developing world wide with tens of thousands of medical professionals and lawyers involved.”
    If you insist in spouting rubbish, at least try to be consistent.

  4. The usual stuff coming out of the anti vaxxers mouths again. There are no licensed experimental vaccines, all have been widely tested before release. Saying i don’t need it as i have an immune system is like saying i have a brain so i don’t need an education. This is not gene therapy, Just because mRNA sounds like dna means nothing. It doesn’t interact with your dna at any time. There are zero reports of fertility issues & no known mechanism that would permit this.

  5. Anti vax is a framed propaganda attempted slur to try and shut down debate. Usually from people who don’t know how to research or observe actual situations. Sad but predictable, and amusing in its naiveté.

  6. Anti-vax is a word, an abbreviation, and debate on this subject has not been shut down. If you don’t approve of being vaccinated the you are “anti-vax”. Not a slur in itself, just an adjective.

  7. No Democrat, you are doing the framing. You can talk about it all you want. In fact most anti vaxxers i have met will not stop until they are blue in the face & refuse to disengage.

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