Margate couple launch Airbnb management company for East Kent

Ian and Cheryl have launched a new business venture

A Margate couple have taken the plunge to open their own Airbnb management business.

Ian and Cheryl Seaman say there is a lack of short-let management companies in east Kent and so they grasped the opportunity to set up Let’s Host for You amid a growth in the industry.

The couple, who have four children between them aged 11 to 21, launched their business this month.

Cheryl said: “I worked for a local estate agent for 5 years in lettings property management and then went on to work for a local business as an office manager and bookkeeper.  Ian’s background is in project management / engineering.

“Coming from a property management background has given us a better understanding of a property owner’s needs and expectations.

“It also means we have been able to tailor our packages, so it works for our property owners.”

The aim is for the business to take the stress out of hosting by taking care of the client’s property and guests.

Ian added: “When it comes to finding the perfect management service, we believe local knowledge is key.  We are passionate about Thanet and have lived here most of our lives.  Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate have so much to offer and that’s what makes it an ideal staycation destination.”

The pair have partnered with Superhog digital platform which provides vetting and damage protection services and also list the properties on booking websites. They also take care of housekeeping and maintenance.

The pair said: “Due to the current situation staycations have become more popular than ever.  We are also finding that more and more landlords are switching from long-term to short-term letting, this is due to the higher yield that can be achieved by letting a property on booking platforms like Airbnb.

“However, not all property owners have the time to deal with managing an airbnb, so this is where we come to the rescue.  Our fully managed seamless service covers every aspect of managing a short-term let property.”

To find out more go to or email [email protected] or call 0330 320 3475


  1. Great. This can ensure the authorities have a list of all properties offering guest accommodation in the area for compliance with regulations eg fire, covid, insurance, planning, building regulations.

  2. Oh great! Just what the town needs – more Airbnb. So the scenario is, DFL couple come to `Margate to take in the arty vibe and see a large house the price of a garage in London. Let’s buy it they think and move there. So they do a cheap refurb – you know the type – B&Q bathroom – or two, IKEA furniture, lots of grey walls, a few ‘I’ve gone to the beach’ signs and then the idea comes to them – let’s not live here let’s make some money and rent out at for loadsamoney per night – or ‘higher yield’ and they do. Unregulated, loss of long term lets, loss of family homes, potential disturbance to local community or neighbours – you know their reputation. Yet now we appear to have another ‘business’ opportunity to encourage their uptake and purportedly to solve these problems. We’ll see. Short sighted and not in Margate’s interest.

  3. Says it all. Can make more money from short term Lets. So ‘passionate’ about Thanet. Just how many more Airbnb’s can there be before the town is saturated with them. Any of the proposed hotels being built yet – can’t see any signs.

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