Emergency services called to Sainsbury’s at Westwood after single car collision


Emergency services were called to Sainsbury’s at Westwood today (<ay 26) after a man crashed into the cash machine.

The man is understood to have accidently pressed the accelerator and got his foot stuck while reversing out of a parking space at around 1.50pm.

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to reports of a single-car collision on Dadson Way in Ramsgate.

“Two fire engines attended the incident, and crews used air bags to stabilise the vehicle before using battery-operated tools to release one occupant who was trapped inside the vehicle, before passing him into the care of South East Coast Ambulance (Secamb).”

Paramedics attended the man but he did not need hospital treatment.

A Secamb spokesperson said: “We attended reports of a single vehicle collision near Sainsbury’s in Dadson Way reported to us shortly before 2pm today. One patient was assessed at the scene but discharged without the need for further hospital treatment.”


  1. How do you get your foot “stuck” if you’re pressing down on a pedal??

    I will guess this was an elderly person and it’s about time stricter rules are in place for them to keep a licence.

    Just thankful no one was using the cash machines!

  2. Wow we all get old, I hope to keep my licence ..you give yours up if you want and use the bus…👍

    • I have nothing against people driving at 100 if they’re still capable, but sadly many get to a point when they’re not. Perhaps an idea would be mandatory driving tests at 70, and then another one every 5 years?

      • Peter at the age of 70 drivers have to reapply for their licences the DVLA send a form out to people approaching their 70 birthday and they hope people will tell the truth about how capable they are to drive obviously some people tell porkies to get what they want

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