Ramsgate mum’s shock at finding naked man in her hallway during early hours of morning

Georgia says that she feels her safety has been compromised

A nursing diploma student from Ramsgate says she was shocked to find a naked man in her hallway, going through family belongings, after she was woken by a noise in the early hours.

Georgia Farrow, who is mum to an eight-year-old and two-year-old twins, said at first she thought the noise was her son getting up to use the toilet but then a further sound made her investigate.

She said: “(He) was standing in my hallway stark naked, going through my stuff. He clocked me as soon as I opened the door and claimed he was sleepwalking but I don’t believe it.”

The 25-year-old, who knows the man’s identity but is not a friend or colleague, called police but says she is disappointed with the response.

A welfare check was carried out for the man, who is understood to live with learning difficulties, but Georgia says there needs to be some action taken over the entering into her property and indecent exposure.

She said: “All they did was give me a crime reference number to call up my landlord and housing team as I’m on the waiting list to move at the moment.

“ I accidentally left the door on latch, we’re all human and make mistakes sometimes, but the police officer said regardless of me leaving my door on latch the man trespassed on my property.

“My kids could have woken up to this. I suffer with severe anxiety and I haven’t slept a wink since because of the situation.

“I don’t feel safe at all and am very distressed.

“I don’t feel as though the police have taken into consideration the severity of the actions that happened, a man has trespassed into my property. This is supposed to be my safe haven but it’s been compromised.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said officers would monitor the situation.

They said: “Kent Police attended a private address in Ramsgate on the morning of Monday 17 May following concern for a man.

“All parties were spoken to and no criminal offences were identified following further enquiries, but words of advice were given to those involved.

“Local officers will continue to monitor the circumstances so that any future concerns can be addressed.”

If you are concerned about an adult – call 03000 416161 (text relay 18001 03000 416161) or email: social.services@kent.gov.uk.