Ramsgate mum’s shock at finding naked man in her hallway during early hours of morning

Georgia says that she feels her safety has been compromised

A nursing diploma student from Ramsgate says she was shocked to find a naked man in her hallway, going through family belongings, after she was woken by a noise in the early hours.

Georgia Farrow, who is mum to an eight-year-old and two-year-old twins, said at first she thought the noise was her son getting up to use the toilet but then a further sound made her investigate.

She said: “(He) was standing in my hallway stark naked, going through my stuff. He clocked me as soon as I opened the door and claimed he was sleepwalking but I don’t believe it.”

The 25-year-old, who knows the man’s identity but is not a friend or colleague, called police but says she is disappointed with the response.

A welfare check was carried out for the man, who is understood to live with learning difficulties, but Georgia says there needs to be some action taken over the entering into her property and indecent exposure.

She said: “All they did was give me a crime reference number to call up my landlord and housing team as I’m on the waiting list to move at the moment.

“ I accidentally left the door on latch, we’re all human and make mistakes sometimes, but the police officer said regardless of me leaving my door on latch the man trespassed on my property.

“My kids could have woken up to this. I suffer with severe anxiety and I haven’t slept a wink since because of the situation.

“I don’t feel safe at all and am very distressed.

“I don’t feel as though the police have taken into consideration the severity of the actions that happened, a man has trespassed into my property. This is supposed to be my safe haven but it’s been compromised.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said officers would monitor the situation.

They said: “Kent Police attended a private address in Ramsgate on the morning of Monday 17 May following concern for a man.

“All parties were spoken to and no criminal offences were identified following further enquiries, but words of advice were given to those involved.

“Local officers will continue to monitor the circumstances so that any future concerns can be addressed.”

If you are concerned about an adult – call 03000 416161 (text relay 18001 03000 416161) or email: [email protected].


  1. Well don’t leave your door on the latch, it only takes a minute to make your home secure before you go to bed at night and you have children to think about as well. I’m amazed at how many people are daft enough to leave their windows open / doors open or on the latch. Also sleep walking is more common than you may think it is.
    I have been nursing for many years and we have had patients get out of bed strip naked sleep walking.

    • actually it was in a secure building with phone entry but because of homeless drug takers repeatedly breaking into the building the security door is broken yet again and the council have not fixed it.. again
      This man also tried to break into another ladies flat upstairs before gaining entry into the flat he went into he also makes repeated attempts to kiss the ladies who live in these flats, and they live alone I might add. Some may say sleepwalking but it most definitely is not. The fact he lives alone and has learning difficulties is a subject that needs to be raised here!

  2. So a man with obvious difficulties is there because of your failure to protect yourself & your children & you seriously want to prosecute him?

    Sounds from the story like she just wants to move urgently & rather than waiting her turn wants to jump the queue by creating something out of nothing in the media. Just be thankful it was a harmless guy & not a killer, rapist or paedophile.

  3. I left my door on the latch for years hoping a naked woman would wander in!

    Seriously, I hope Georgia is OK.

    • Bet she wouldn’t have been phoning the old bill if it had been The Rock, the guy from Poldark etc. Just shows there is one rule for Hollywood sex symbols & one for the rest of us.

  4. “”No criminal offences were identified” quote from the boys in blue???
    How about trespass with intent? How about indecent exposure? How about attempted theft ? – just to highlight three.
    What is it with the “upholders of the law” these days? Say something homophobic or mildly racist and your feet will not touch the ground until you are in a cell!
    We demand better from the Police.

    • Trespass is not a criminal offence. And being naked is not in itself a criminal offence. And the chap didn’t take anything.
      Lesson to be learned: make sure you lock your doors and windows. Even if you get moved to a new home.

    • Prosecuting somebody with such difficulties who didn’t harm her or her children is not really going to fly with the CPS & even if they did charge could you see a jury convicting somebody who probably has little concept of how to behave? The sensible thing would be what happened-they talk to the guy & probably his carer or carers & advise her on home security.

      Trespass With Intent-intent to do what exactly? He didn’t assault her.
      Indecent Exposure-he isn’t in a public area, he wasn’t doing anything sexual, it doesn’t appear he intended to cause offence.
      Attempted Theft-he wasn’t stealing her telly, he was looking through paperwork by the sounds of it.

    • There is no such offence as “indecent exposure”. There is an offence of “exposure” within the Sexual Offences Act, but it doesn’t appear that it would be appropriate in this case. Simple public nudity is not an offence in the UK

  5. Doubt if any law enforcement bods ar available, sound s like an out of date pork pie (tbc)

    Ok, its a matter of fact thanet attracts slumlords, why cant tdc fit decent door locks etc to properties that they know off (legal) stuff but everyone knbows.

    Just to add, its possible whilst shopping and walking in the streets (winter time) to see young males, quiet fit, so under nourished, looking into household doors-windows, looking into cars, looking for cigarette ends in bins, looking for their own sexulal fun etc.

    Where are the law enforce people, maybe there they want vigilantes

  6. Sorry new tablet, funny spelling,

    Its people walking around town wearing small backpacks that need a chat to.

    There scum

    • That is a very vile thing to say and generalises anyone with a small backpack as scum !! Were does your logic come from?
      I see many people everyday wearing small backpacks and they look pretty normal going about their own business.

  7. What a great message to send out to local burglars
    You can enter someone’s property ( breaking and entering) naked ( indecent exposure) and go through their belongings ( attempted burglary) and get away with it by saying your sleepwalking
    What great policing !!!!

    • They weren’t breaking and entering.
      Nakedness isn’t necessarily indecent exposure.
      If there was no attempt to permanently deprive property, there was no burglary.
      The best message to send out to burglars is firmly closed doors and windows.

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