Government confirms £2.7m High Street grant for Ramsgate

Ramsgate Photo Historic England

Ramsgate will receive £2,7m from the Government’s Future High Street Fund, it has been confirmed today (May 19).

Ramsgate is one of 72 areas across England that will benefit from the £830 million Future High Streets Fund to improve the high street, as well as protect and create more jobs.

The investment, which is now confirmed, aims to help Ramsgate recover from the pandemic while also driving long term growth making the High Street a place not just to shop but to enjoy as a destination in its own right.

The fund will be used to provide more workspace in the town centre for creative industries, which will bring empty buildings back into use, and to improve the highway, including accessibility from the Harbour into Harbour Street.

Robert Jenrick

Communities Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP said: “This funding is part of wider support we are providing to communities and businesses, to protect jobs, support the most vulnerable and ensure no one is left behind as we recover from pandemic.

“This investment will make a huge difference to towns and cities across England and transform themselves in desired places to shop, visit, live and work.

“The Future High Streets Fund will support towns, communities and businesses as we get back to enjoying the best of what the high street has to offer.”

The Future High Streets Fund was launched in December 2018. Ramsgate was given a provisional allocation last December.

Cllr Rick Everitt, Thanet council Cabinet Member for Ramsgate’s Regeneration, said: “It’s encouraging that our bid for Ramsgate as part of the Future High Street Fund has been confirmed. This will provide a significant boost to the high street at a time that is already very challenging for many of our local businesses.

“The funding has been awarded under a set of very specific criteria, which means it can only be used to support the two submitted projects. The first will provide more workspace in the town centre for creative industries, which will help improve the street scene and bring empty buildings back into use.

“The second is set to improve the highway, including accessibility from the Harbour into Harbour Street. The aim is to try and reduce the dominance of the road, making it easier for people to access the high street. Plans have been developed and will shortly be ready for public consultation, so we’re looking forward to seeing what our residents, specifically within Ramsgate, think of them.

“I realise that local people have many other aspirations for investment in the town and that’s why we’re now launching our Ramsgate Future initiative. I am confident that with everyone working together, Ramsgate’s regeneration will go from strength to strength.”

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay said:“As pubs, cinemas, bowling alleys and more open up this week, this funding will provide a much-needed boost for Ramsgate as we safely welcome shoppers and tourists back to our high street and town centre.

“I look forward to working with everyone involved with this application to transform Ramsgate into an even more vibrant place to live, work, visit and shop.”

Kent County Councillor Trevor Shonk, also welcomed the news, adding: “Ramsgate deserves all the financial support it can get, so I am more than happy with the announcement from the  Government.

“Now we need to ensure this £2.7m is properly spent and as a newly elected County Councillor for Ramsgate, this is something I will be monitoring.”

County Councillor Karen Constantine added: “Given the evident decline of Ramsgate High street, which is in party due to both Covid and the changing way in which we all shop, it’s should be remembered that high streets thrive in areas with good employment opportunities.

“Our local MP has yet to share with residents what he intends to do to bring more, decently paid work into our town. It would also be great to secure a cast iron commitment from both Cllr Shonk and MP Craig Mackinlay to ensure funds are identified to make sure our High street is fully accessible.”


  1. it might be an idea to use some of the money to tow that scrap barge ( sorry arts centre ) out to sea and sink it ! it was probably going for scrap in the first place , what an eyesore when we are talking about tidying this old place up.

    • I agree with you ramsgatetetonian ,it is an eyesore, who ever gave permission to have it in the harbour wants shooting

    • I agree with you ramsgatetetonian who ever gave permission to have it in the harbour wants shooting

  2. Full accessibility for all is essential so let’s see more dropped kerbs in the town Centre and a reversal of the recent ludicrous decision to board up the lifts in the Royal Harbour multistory car park which now means that only the ground floor is accessible to all and on busy days and the high season it is frequently full. Only the other day I was met by a family coming down the vehicle ramp with a push chair having had the misfortune to park on one of the upper floors.

  3. Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet CIC now has more than 1000 family members across Thanet. Nearly 400 are registered as members of the Food Club in Ramsgate at St George’s church hall. Their membership enables them to buy healthier food at affordable prices and to be supported in their aspiration to feed themselves and their families better. I hope this innovative and successful work will be recognised and supported by this fund. I hope that all those families trying hard to be healthier will be listened to and joined by many others.

  4. I won’t be visiting Ramsgate until the gangs of teenagers that hang around the town centre are permanently removed. It is such an intimidating place.

    • I’m over 70, and have absolutely no fear of walking through Ramsgate.
      There’s nothing here that you won’t find in hundreds of town and city centres up and down the land – plenty of examples many times worse!

  5. Dropped kerbs, two working lifts, accessible toilets, buses with wheel chair access on all routes, more ramps in shop doorways and then tackle encouraging local production and local food and revive the high Street by final closing of Westwood cross

    • You are so deluded if you don’t see Westwood Cross as an asset. Thanet has long needed a retail centre. It’s hugely popular and has benefited the area greatly with jobs and large shops which cannot possibly be accommodated in the High Street. You never address this issue? Not everything can be sold in a tiny shop with high prices?
      Society has to move on, otherwise we would all be living in caves!!

      • Westwood Cross is hideous and almost completely designed to be used by car drivers . An aerial view shows the huge amount of land taken up by car parking. Not all shops in town centres are tiny.

        • Marva, there is a bus station. The Loop bus serves Westwood Cross every 10 minutes.
          It is not hideous. It is smart and clean unlike town centres covered in litter and dog mess. Also security at Westwood Cross unlike town centres.
          Explain to me how Broadstairs High Street can accommodate shops like at Westwood Cross.
          Also, Westwood Cross is pedestrianised and has very clean modern toilets.

      • Well I cannot understand how a pedestrianised area which is level, evenly paved and has disabled access on every shop and disabled toilets is pedestrian unfriendly.
        Unlike the town centres which are not at all pedestrian friendly.

          • there are zebra crossings Andrew unless you use a different Westwood X to me if you arrive by bus you do not need to cross any road to use the shops it is only if you park a car you need to cross the roads on one of the zebra crossings

          • I don’t know what you’re complaining about Marva you have said you do not use Westwood X moaning for the sake of it are you?

        • Because, if you want to get from one part of WWX to another, the only really safe option is to take the bus 1 stop. There are no zebra crossings, and very fer pelican crossings.

  6. Nice to see Craig show up for a photo opportunity, that’s the last we will see of him till the next opportunity arises

    • Well Martin that applies to politicians of both main political parties in Thanet. Fortunately in the Ward I am in we now have two hardworking Green Councillors who don’t pose at every opportunity to get pictures in the press. By the way I’m still waiting to hear from the sole surviving Labour Councillor in Central Harbour Ward after they promised to look into something for me two months ago!

      • Gosh: you’ve been waiting 2 months – and folk haven’t dropped everything to respond to your demands!
        Best thing to do would be a gentle and polite reminder …

        • Yes Andrew two months! For your information I don’t demand anything! Obviously you don’t like Labour Councillors being criticised. You obviously haven’t got a clue about what a good Councillor should do, ever heard of a diary note? For your information I deal with most issues that arise involving Thanet and KCC myself without troubling Councillors. From your comments that you make on this site about Ramsgate and Thanet you go about with your eyes shut!

  7. What about our flagship theatre The Winter Gardens ????
    Needs painting inside and out, dressing rooms refurbished, then the stars, groups will be pleased to perform
    PLEASE PLEASE tidy up our Winter Gardens now !!!!!

  8. Let’s have a make over of the town put barriers up in harbour street or gates for access for vehicles delivering but only on a morning basis more shops could be opened as in art and culture . A bike shop is needed in the centre of the town Mark footman.

    • Good idea but we also need shoe shops, clothes shops especially for all weather gear, a decent deli and a toy shop.

  9. The days of the traditional high streets in Britain are numbered, but so too are the days of commercial centres like Westwood Cross. More and more people are shopping via the Internet thanks to Covid and the trend will continue when it’s over. However, online shopping is easier in the case of food. When It comes to purchasing electrical appliances, clothes, gardening equipment, etc. people want to view the products before ordering them. This is where the high street will take on a new and important role. High street premises will be used as showrooms for displaying and comparing products that can then be ordered online. They will display either individual manufacturers’ goods or wide ranges of products made by different manufacturers. The proprietors of the showrooms will receive their income from the manufacturers. Those high street buildings that are not used for this purpose can be turned into attractive meeting places, coffee bars, art galleries or, if they are not fit for purpose, knocked down and replaced by parks and gardens, etc. The out-of-town shopping centres can then be converted into fitness centres, sports centres or used for other leisure activities that require a lot of indoor space. Ramsgate centre will once again become an attractive and lively meeting place with people coming in from all over Thanet to enjoy themselves in a, preferably, motor-vehicle fee environment.

  10. Anyone want to tell Mackinlay that Ramsgate doesn’t have a bowling alley? And no clear signs of what’s happening with Granville cinema either? Reads like a lazy copy & paste from central govt/party PR.

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