Council wants your views on the future for Ramsgate

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Questionnaires are now live for anyone who lives, works and visits Ramsgate to give their views about the future of the town and what can be done to ensure it’s a vibrant place with a thriving retail, business and leisure offer.

The community engagement is one part of the ‘Ramsgate Future’ initiative which is building on schemes such as the Future High Street fund, the Heritage Action Zone and existing feedback on the Port and Harbour review in order to create a plan to transform the town and inform future funding bids.

Thanet council wants residents to take part in the survey with ideas to:

  • Create new and better employment;
  • Enable local people to develop new skills for the economy of the future;
  • Support local businesses to prosper grow;
  • Improve the variety of shops and businesses;
  • Improve connections and make it easier to get around;
  • Celebrate and invest in the seafront, history and heritage;
  • Work through partnerships and collaborations with community stakeholders;
  • Understand the opportunities of growing green skills and sustainable supply chains.

Cllr Rick Everitt, Thanet District Council’s Cabinet Member for Ramsgate’s Regeneration said: “We want to make sure we understand the needs and ambitions of the local community for their town. We are encouraging all residents, businesses and visitors to participate in a survey and help guide the future character and offer of Ramsgate.

“The feedback and insight received will also inform our Levelling Up Funding Bid in June, which is an important opportunity with up to £20m potentially available for investment in the town.

“We want Ramsgate to be a destination of choice for the local community it serves and ensure it retains its own unique identity while supporting social and economic regeneration for the benefit of everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant adapting to new ways of living, working and shopping so it’s vital that we get your input on the future of the town.”

There are separate surveys for residents,  businesses and third sector organisations and they take approximately 15 minutes to complete and will close on Tuesday 8 June.

Resident Questionnaire  – If you live, work in or visit Ramsgate please complete this survey.

Business Questionnaire – We’re keen to understand the perspective of people who own businesses in Ramsgate so if you are a local business owner please complete this survey.

Third Sector Questionnaire – Third sector organisations who work in Ramsgate, should complete this survey.

The council will also be holding virtual and COVID-secure face to face events exploring the community vision for the town.

To be involved and kept up to date about the Ramsgate Future Investment Plan, join the council mailing list.


  1. It’s surprising what “lick of paint” will do but regretfully some of the properties have been neglected. It may have prompted the owners if they were penalised for this !

    • Yep, especially where grant funding has been used to improve buildings. Just look at Wellington Crescent , had huge amounts of work done on it late 90’s but very few of the owners have done a single thing to maintain them , the crescent should be one of ramsgate finest architectural gems but is instead an embarrassment.

      • I completely agree I know a vast sum of money was given to the work needed on Wellington Crescent but I could not see any improvement. We should adopt a similar rule to Brighton every house on the terrace should be painted in the same colour and paint supplied by the local council to insure this.

  2. I think there funny they build new homes ok thats good its helps but say one car pr home where do you park it no where no room
    when they plan new homes people need a car to go to work or shopping from ramsgate but no they say you will find a spot to park
    there is one big car park in ramsgate and i have never seen it full at all so think before you build

  3. Looking at river oaks PR video , the main querie is our proposed carbon footprint of zero by 2030 voted in a council meeting last year , 14 flights a day ! From passed experience the cargo planes are ancient 70 s jumbo jets . Also is 14 flights a day leaving or should that be doubled with flights arriving . Also worrying the 10000 lorry movements on top of the problems created by hold ups at Dover . . It does not make sense the 850 empliyees which also need training if local or they from other areas . Financially does not make sense thats a weekly wage bill of £600,000 each plane costing £6000 just for wages every day ! let alone all the other costs .

  4. People don’t always need a car to get to work or go shopping, especially if they live in a town. Lobby the local MPs for improvements in public transport.

  5. We need more parking for visitors. I know of the perfect place for a multi story. I’d love to show my idea to the council.

  6. I agree. Any council who lets a monstrous cargo hub in the back garden and then wants the residents views on regeneration, historic preservation, economic growth and sustainability is just laughable. Sadly. Only in Ramsgate would we be voiceless and unprotected by our MP and our District Council.

    What Ramsgate residents need is consistent, fair, sustainable and green economic recovery. What we don’t need is years of blight and threat from a cargo hub the world doesn’t need, and that millions of others thank their lucky stars ins’t in their High Street.

    Nobody will holiday here, thousands will move away.

  7. all its doing is sticking plasters on bits here and there , overall the place is a dump , for every bit they tidy up or give a facelift theres ten more that need demolishing! what realisticly can be done with the large stores in ramsgate that have closed for good ? super size charity shop – giant estate agents ? dozens of micro pubs in one spot – face it the place has had its day , circa 1900

  8. Westwood cross should be considered an ASSET for the area.EG “Don’t forget , we are in easy access to WESTWOOD CROSS (after a hard days relaxing on our sandy beach and visiting the local shops and dining facilities!

    • Why on earth would someone visiting the seaside want to go to an ugly run-of-the-mill shopping centre when there’s probably one near where they normally live?

      • My wife likes BLUEWATER but when we go away she also to go shopping (or browsing) l thought it was compulsory !

  9. dont forget thats after visiting the local arts and culture centres and gallerys ? which if we are honest – all this arty farty nonsense is really is a smokescreen for the fact theres nothing here worth doing or looking at.

  10. Bring back the ferry, we made millions when sally line was coming it Ramsgate , the council wouldn’t put the acces road in and when the went the council put the access road in . All back Handers and the council and all ways will be

  11. I’ve completed several of these surveys in the last few years! Does this mean they’ve all bin binned by TDC? OR will they keep asking until everybody is so fed up they no longer respond and TDC use apathy as the excuse to industrialize the port.

  12. I think the port should be industrialized. The local councils need to encourage green industries to Thanet.

  13. I would like the council to work with Marva Rees – ask her on every subject what her opinion is and then do the opposite… that would be a quick path to success

    • What is wrong with the port’s becoming more industrialized?There are plenty of non-polluting small industries which could be based there.

      • I think that some tupe of use should be given to the empty space in the harbour it would make a good sports centre INDOOR POOL – SQUASH COURTS – GYM CLUB – TENNIS COURTS

  14. Rick Everitt said “The COVID-19 pandemic has meant adapting to new ways of living, working and shopping”. True, but once the pandemic is under control it is vital that we ditch those temporary measures and revert to socially rewarding ways of doing these things.

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