Ramsgate Arts Primary youngsters take action for charity fundraiser

Fundraising at RAPs

Children at Ramsgate Arts Primary were inspired by their lessons discovering how charities work – and decided to put their learning into action.

As part of their personal development learning pupils in Year 2 had explored the varied ways charities of all types benefit those in need.

Their research particularly focused on Porchlight whose work involves helping homeless people, and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Alice Rees-Boughton, one of the year group teachers and the school’s English lead, said: “The children were inspired by what they learnt about charities, how they work and how much they rely on kindness and the actions of others to support their vital operations.

“Our Year 2 pupils wanted to make a difference and decided to hold a non-uniform day to benefit Porchlight and the RNLI. It was their idea and they were involved in all aspects of the event.

“They determined that money raised would be split equally between their chosen charities and they explained to other children about what the non-uniform day was for and about the charities they were supporting.

“Once the event was over, in a subsequent Maths lesson they counted out the donations that were collected and were pleased to record a total of £335.15. We are very proud of their enthusiasm, determination and kindness.”

Head of School Nick Budge said: “This was a really valuable learning experience.

“It demonstrated clearly to our children that their direct actions can make a difference, which resulted in a good sum being collected for two worthwhile causes.

“As well as investigating the work of very important and effective charities, they also learnt how to organise and support an event and work as a team using their communication skills.

“It was a lovely thing for them to do and highlighted learning in action, which is something we encourage at RAPS.”


Kent’s largest charity for homeless and vulnerable people.

It states: “We’re here for people who have nowhere to go and no-one to turn to. Some are living on the streets, others need our support to prevent or resolve any issues that could put them at risk of homelessness. We can’t do any of this without you.”

Contact the charity online at Porchlight.org.uk – 24 hour helpline 0800 5677699.


The charity states: “We save lives at sea through our 24/7 search and rescue lifeboat service, seasonal lifeguards, water safety initiatives and youth education.”

Powered primarily by donations, the search and rescue service has been saving lives for nearly 200 years. As part of its nationwide cover, it runs local lifeboat teams from Margate and Ramsgate to monitor the safety of water users around the Thanet coastline and at sea. Find out more online at RNLI.org.