Prison for Ramsgate man who downloaded vile child abuse images

Jailed: Kristian Fernandez

A Ramsgate man who downloaded indecent images of children while he was the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) has been jailed.

Kristian Fernandez, 65, was given a two-year and three-month sentence at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday (May 12) after admitting three counts of making an indecent image of a child relating to more than 20 category A – the worst category-, category B and category C images and videos.

Fernandez, of Clements Road, Ramsgate, was visited by members of Kent Police’s Offender Management Unit on Thursday 6 June 2019 as part of the terms of a SOPO imposed on him after he was sentenced for similar offences in 2009.

When checking a phone he had at his address, an officer saw an indecent image of a child and the telephone was seized.

Analysis uncovered further indecent videos and images, including 16 at category A, the most explicit kind as categorised by police and the courts.

Fernandez was later arrested and charged with three offences, relating to more than 20 category A, category B and category C images and videos.

Jean Farbrace, Kent Police’s investigator in the case, said: “The children abused in indecent images are real victims of real crimes and anyone accessing such images is complicit in their abuse.

“Fernandez continued to access such images despite being the subject of an order imposed by a court and the sentence imposed on him shows that those who take part in this activity face prison when caught.”


  1. How strange, I remember another male, in his older years, also jailed for child sexual offences, but bizarrely also from Clements Road, Ramsgate.

  2. There was another one in Coleman cres the other day just across from clements Rd. These people need to be chemically castrated. If their are 2 in the same area their must be others

    • Really? What do you base this claim on? I have 2 cats, so MUST there be others in my household…absurd.

  3. i agree with the first comment , sadly he will live a comfortable life in a secure unit , with everything on hand – being paid for by us mugs

  4. The cycle continues. Offend, get caught, offend, get caught. Surgery could break this monstrous cycle.

  5. He is a monster, and his sentence is too light, but why has it taken 18 months to get him into prison?

  6. Because, like everyone else in GB, he is entitled to due process and a fair trial, rather than a lynching by a torch-and-pitchfork wielding mob. Personally, I prefer option 1…even if it does take longer.

    • You would be singing a different tune if this scum had, God forbid, messed with one of your young relatives.

    • I am not denying he is entitled to due process, what I said was why has it taken so long for him to be tried? He could have continued his vile habit whilst out on bail for 18 months!

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