UK Creative Festival – with careers fair – to take place at Dreamland

Dreamland Photo Frank Leppard

The UK Creative Festival 2021 will launch this summer at Dreamland in Margate.

Taking place over three days on July 21-23, the festival will celebrate the best of the UK Creative Industries with a programme of talks, workshops, panels, wellness activities, and social events designed to connect, educate, and inspire.

The festival is committed to helping create a more diverse and representative workforce by also establishing a free-to-access careers fair at the event.

The Creative Circle Awards will celebrate their 76th anniversary by finding a new home at the Festival to showcase ideas and craft. It marks the first time the UK Awards have moved out of London.

Delegates will be able to buy tickets for the Festival and the Awards separately or as an package with the option of accommodation and access to Dreamland.

Confirmed Festival speakers so far include Uncommon Founder Nils Leonard, Havas CCO Vicki Maguire, Leo Burnett CCO Chaka Sobhani, TBWA CCO Peter Souter, and Former Head of 4Creative Alice Tonge. Many more, including several special guests, to be announced.

“We wanted to create a unique event dedicated to improving representation within the creative industries, not just at the highest level or even at entry level, but where it counts with aspiring young creatives” said festival CEO, Jeremy Green. “Most importantly we want to make this accessible to everyone, and we’re looking forward to working with national and regional youth organisations.”

Peter Souta of TBWA added: “Creative Circle is the beating heart of British advertising and shows just how big that heart is. Come join us as we help young creatives learn how to move from simply surviving the pandemic to completely thriving in a new world of opportunity.”

Dreamland CEO Eddie Kemsley said: “We are thrilled to support the festival and we are excited to see it come to life this year. This is set to be one of the biggest creative events of the year in the UK, and we are privileged to see it come to life on the Kent coast.”

Young Creative (at school, college or university) festival passes are free but a full pass to the festival and awards for all other participants is £650 or £350 just for the Creative Circle Awards.

For more information, details about tickets, speaking opportunities, sponsorship, and the careers fair contact [email protected]  


  1. Perhaps Turner Contemporary can buy tickets for all the former employees who lost their jobs?

  2. Yes is far too expensive for me to contemplate. I guess as an art and craft lover, I’m not the target audience for this. It’s a shame, I think I might have enjoyed it 😥

  3. Personally I get fed up with people assuming that creatives earn so much that they can afford these over inflated prices. The truth is that many are literally living from hand to mouth and work many jobs to survive whilst making creative work and funding it as they understand the importance of it to themselves and wider society. Most of us are not financially privileged enough to have funds to support us or wealthy connections. It would be great if each corporate business could fund a free artist place and actually start a conversation. Again another segregated festival for the priviledged. I am struggling to understand what difference this will make ultimately apart from a money making exercise for all involved. What exactly would an artist get from this?

    • I would have thought most in Thanet would be totally priced out of the market on this. Again, like the Turner Centre it appears to be marketed to the elite few from London, Brighton etc. Then again I don’t think the majority of stuff going on at Turner has anything to do with real art or creativity.

  4. Kemsley means host I hope, not support – although she’s very good at using other people’s money I believe.

  5. I guess you all missed the part that says ‘Young Creatives festival pass – Free’ and the part that says profits will be donated to Creative Foundation.

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