‘Open-air pub experience’ at Dreamland Summer Social event

Dreamland Summer Social

Sport coverage, street food and drinks will feature in the new Dreamland Summer Social event. Kicking off on Thursday, May 27, after the next lockdown easing, the new event will run all summer.

Organisers say the Dreamland Summer Social is the ultimate open-air pub experience, bringing together street food, live DJs and a variety of sports coverage on the large screen.

Dreamland’s Scenic Stage will be showing every one of England’s European Championship football games and the Street Food Warehouse team will serve up food including pizzas, burgers with a twist, vegan choices and fish & chips.

Tables are for groups of up to six people, compliant with the latest government guidelines, with well-spaced seating areas and table service. All drinks can be ordered via smartphone.

Early booking is recommended –visit: www.dreamlandsummersocial.co.uk

An update about when rides at the park will reopen is yet to be issued. The last statement from the park said rides would not open while social distancing rules are in place.

A spokesperson said: “Continued Covid-19 restrictions mean we are unable to operate Dreamland’s amusement park or indoor entertainment spaces (Octopus’s Garden or Roller Disco) for the public during Easter 2021.

“The rides will be back; this situation is temporary! We made tough decisions early on in the pandemic to ensure Dreamland’s future is safe, and we are prepared to wait to ensure our guests are completely safe on our rides.

“It’s worth remembering that Dreamland is a unique venue in that most of our rides are vintage, some built 100 years ago. The age and configuration of these rides means it is difficult to accommodate the very specific, social distancing and safety measures required to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“Until guidelines on social distancing are relaxed, we believe we are unable to offer the carefree visitor experience that customers have come to expect.

“Dreamland has remained open throughout the pandemic for private hire as well as commercial filming and photography and as soon as social distancing guidelines are relaxed, we will reconsider our plans to host events later in 2021.”


  1. A lot of other parks have vintage rides they are operating their rides spacing riders apart no excuses for not operating.Families have been visiting with their children most disappointed that the park is not open.

  2. The truth about Dreamland is they intend to remove all rides slowly over time and just have it as a open park for music and festivals. They don’t won’t to keep the rides that’s clear, as said other rides open in other parks without a problem. They failed once and now have free rein to do as they please, sold for less then it was worth and failed by TDC who just don’t care about Thanet people and Thanet as a whole. RIP DREAMLAND

    • You know this “truth” for a fact? I suspect this is the case, but I’ve yet to see proof.

      • The fact of the matter is that no less than four rides have been removed from the site. Whether they intend to remove any more will have to be seen . . .

  3. Funfairs have been allowed to open since April, and nonsense about social distancing on the rides, is an excuse. How do Dreamland explain that all the other amusement parks and attractions are open. One of the oldest funfairs with some very old rides is currently setting up In Maldon and as well as having some very old rides, they are also a travelling funfair. I would bet that no-one on Dreamlands management has heard of Carter’s Steam Fayre though. Unless of course TDC is not allowing them to open.

  4. I have been gagging for a pint for the best part of 15 months, having never gone that long in my life! But “Open Air” or Beer Gardens are a No No, because all the smokers use them! I remember when the smoking ban came in, I was on holiday with a lady friend, and we decided to take our drinks outside to the pub garden, whilst we waited for our meals. Bad decision, we were unaware of the ban coming in to law, and all the smokers were in the garden, duurh.

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