Police release image of man as part of Julia James murder enquiry

Image Kent Police

Update: Police are no longer appealing for this man

An image of a man who could be key to the murder investigation into the death of PCSO Julia James has been released by detectives.

Officers want to speak to the individual pictured who is understood to have been in the Aylesham area on Wednesday 28 April – the day after PCSO Julia James was murdered while out walking her dog.

Julia, 53, was found deceased next to Akholt Wood in Snowdown at around 4pm on Tuesday 27 April. She had been working at home that day before taking her Jack Russell Toby for a walk in the Aylesham Road area.

A post-mortem revealed Julia died from significant head injuries.

Assistant Chief Constable Tom Richards from Kent Police said: “We are now in a position to release an image of a man we would like to speak to.

“We firmly believe he has information that could help this investigation and we urge him to come forward.

“We are also appealing to the public or anyone who knows this individual to please come forward with his details. Perhaps he lives near you, perhaps you work with him or perhaps he visits your local shop to buy food.

“Please get in touch and help us find the answers Julia’s family deserve.”

Anyone who recognises the man in the photo is urged to contact Kent Police on 0800 0514 526. Witnesses and anyone with any other information, CCTV or dashcam footage are also still being asked to submit details online at https://mipp.police.uk/operation/4601020121F07-PO1


  1. Let’s just hope that this helps in the investigation, and the culprit is caught as soon as possible.

  2. yes i totally agree , and far be it from me to make a racist comment , lets just wait and see when they catch him.

    • Yes, far be it from you to make a racist comment. You just couldn’t help yourself could you.

      • Oh for f*** sake ,I’m with peter checkfield on this ,you always stir up trouble Ian venables

  3. Finally a seemingly tangible lead, rather than hopeless & desperate speculation about 25 year old murder cases & other filler from the news media. Meridian had a celebrity criminologist & a celebrity ex copper on last night for ten minutes of the show & it was just endless obvious speculation & zero insight-the one time Bleksley was asked to give an opinion he of course sat on the fence, unable it seems to even proffer an opinion on whether it is connected to Chillenden-which one thinks the obvious answer would be a fairly safe bet.

  4. Looks similar to the description of one of the Broadstairs muggers to me (Middle Eastern appearance, 17-20 years old)…

    • Not seeing anything about clearing him of any involvement. Only that they have identified him & no longer need any specific information about him at this stage-which indicates he is likely not eliminated from the investigation as of yet.

      • People seem to interpret things their own way-hear what they want to hear, found that from working in retail as some people put words in your mouth or deliberately misinterpret/twist them to benefit themselves.

        It was pretty obvious from the wording yesterday that picture guy was their prime suspect, despite their denials-assume they have to do this legally. The update made it clear they had located him & had likely arrested him & were questioning him & thus no longer needed any calls with names, but still need people to come forward to give them as much evidence as possible to charge/convict him.

        • I think it’s just their wishful thinking that a person of (slight) colour shouldn’t be responsible, when most of us simply want to see the culprit caught regardless of what he/she/they look like.

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