Westgate Town Council takes on ownership of recreation ground and shelters

The Town Council is now responsible for the recreation ground Photo Gill Gray

Westgate Town Council has now taken on ownership of the War Memorial Recreation Ground on Lymington Road and two shelters on Sea Road (one opposite Palm Court and the second opposite St Mildreds Road) following the completion of an asset transfer from Thanet council.  The legal transfer documents were signed in the town council office to seal the transfer.

St Mildred’s Bay shelter

The town council says it is a great opportunity for the community of Westgate-on-Sea to learn and appreciate the benefits of community ownership and shape the future of the sites. The aim is to encourage residents of all ages, abilities and interests to come along and get involved.

Signing of the legal papers by Town Clerk Gill Gray and Cllr David Donaldson

A Thanet District Council spokesperson said: “We have worked closely with Westgate Town Council to enable this Community Asset Transfer to take place and are grateful to them for their positive input to ensure the transfer went through as smoothly as possible.

West Bay shelter

“We’re very much looking forward to seeing how the community come together to shape the future use of the site for years to come.”

Ownership comes with responsibility for the sites and the Town Council is inviting volunteers in the community to get in contact if they can help with some immediate renovation works to enable the changing rooms to be utilised in time for football matches which are planned during the summer.

War Memorial

The Town Council will be carrying out consultation opportunities later in the summer and is urging all residents to get involved.

The draft proposals for the site are hoped to enhance the landscape, improve biodiversity and renovate the facilities


  1. Congratulations to The Westgate Town Council. I hope they can get The Skate Park repaired at Lymington road, as it is in a terrible state. I have contacted TDC many times about it but they said they never had the money to fix them. so I hope the Town Council have more luck. Or have a secret money Tree.

  2. This is TDC getting rid of more neglected assets – shamefull state of these things is what makes locals want to take control. I bet there’s no reduction in council tax to reflect TDC savings?
    The sooner TDC is abolished the better.

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