Teenagers robbed at knifepoint by two men in Broadstairs

Emergency services

A teenager was threatened with a knife and he and his friends robbed by two men in Broadstairs yesterday (May 4).

Between 9.30pm and 10pm the three teenagers were by St Peter’s Rec, off Callis Court Road, when they saw two men and a woman.

The woman held back, while the two men reportedly approached and threatened one of the teenagers with the knife and made all of them empty their pockets. During the incident, items including a black Nike jacket, a pair of trainers, some cigarettes and a black iPhone X were stolen.

All three victims were able to run away from the suspects, who were then seen to leave in the direction of Grange Road.

Officers attended the scene where the trainers were recovered.

The first suspect was described as being between 40 and 50 years old and wore a faux leather jacket. He had dark slicked-back hair.

The second suspect was aged between 17 and 20 years old and wore a white top, grey jacket and jeans. Both were described as being of Middle Eastern appearance.

Anyone with information regarding the robbery should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/75245/21.

You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555111 or using the anonymous online form at Crimestoppers-uk.org.


  1. Maybe they’d just landed in Dumpton Gap via inflatable dinghy…

    Hope the youngsters are OK.

      • Of course they do, but surely “Middle Eastern appearance” indicates that these particular thieving scumbags are NOT British? Unless it was locals dressing up as Arabs that is.

        • Again, what? So only people that look not Mediterranean or in other words white can be British? It was a nasty crime, but there is no need for racist ignorance.

          • Whether they’re British citizens or from overseas, the only people here that has mentioned race are those throwing around accusations of racism.

            I don’t even think I’m being jingoistic, but the *woke* brigade seem unable to distinguish between those two, very different, things.

      • Heidi, typical coming from someone that supports Labour, but I wouldn’t expect any less from you or Martha. Your response is always throwing the race card. Give it a rest, it’s boring.

        The fact the article says “Middle Eastern appearance”, is that not a clue? In which case, I fully support Peter’s comment.

      • Cant iphones be tracked even if they are turned off? Id be straight home checking that if I was them. Getting the police to act upon the tracking would probably be the next challenge though

  2. I’m surprised that their ethnicity was allowed to be mentioned. This sort of occurrence is on the increase and I wonder why ? Not!

    • Fortunately someone somewhere is bright enough to understand that making factual remarks about a suspects appearance can assist in solving the crime by narrowing the number of possible suspects.
      Around 2000 i read a newspaper article on a carribean island that described the perpetrators of an armed domestic robbery where the householders were home. The description included , hairstyles, clothing, accent and style of speech. But made no mention of skin tone, despite it being patently obvious from the description, no doubt the uk will join in with such nonsense.

      • Exactly, LC.

        I grew up with a black West Indian stepfather for a few years in the 70s, and I witnessed REAL racism first hand that went way beyond mere labels (we’re not talking about a dope-smoking and dread-locked Rastafarian either – he was well-spoken, worked as an accountant and always wore a smart 3-piece suit!).

        • Yep, far too many people seek to find racism where it just doesn’t exist, i’ve worked in many countries around the world. The most aggressive racism i’ve seen is in Guinea West africa during an election campaign, there was no political divide as such the divide was purely on ethnic background. Being of the wrong group left the locals open to being attacked if caught alone by the other side.

          In the carribean, not uncommon as a white man to be charged different prices in shops and be unable to walk about at night as it’d be an invitation to be mugged.

          Arab africa has huge disdain for what they consider “black africans”.

          For huge numbers of people on this planet the uk is seen as the fairest land on earth with the best opportunities, hence the wish for many to be here. ( the concept of freemedical treatment at point of delivery for all is beyond comprehension to billions of people for whom the need for serious medical intervention is either impossible to pay for or places whole extended families in debt for the forseeable future)Many of the keyboard social justice warriors need to stop listening to the preachings of the terminally woke and look at the wider world.

          Todays local elections are likely to be seen in years to come as a bit of a turning point in UK history, they’ll either confirm an appetite amongst the electorate for the Labour party in its current form or show that they’ve become largely irrelevant to most people. If the latter it then remains to be seen if those effectively forcing the party ever further to the left are able to accept that they need to change to become a credible oppositon ( something the country dearly lacks) or if they do well at the polls , make changes to ensure that they again become a credible opposition in the eyes of sufficient additional numbers to make political headway.
          I thought Stamer was a sensible choice of leader , but he’s either not upto the job or is being hobbled by the realities of what exist in the labour party.

  3. and what will happen if / when they are caught ? some do gooder will say they need our help not punishment. it so sad to see how this area is becoming a no – go area , sadly a police officer was murdered nr dover last week , now teenagers being robbed at knife point in a public park area , i wonder if any of these people asking us to vote for them have any opinions on this ?, and i feel mr checksfield may well have a point.

  4. Cant iphones be tracked even if they are turned off? Id be straight home checking that if I was them. Getting the police to act upon the tracking would probably be the next challenge though

  5. iust a thought – all these people that are apparently flooding here to live in this wonderful area , wouldnt it be nice if part of the deal was a complimentary stab vest ? .

  6. The police always ask what colour someone is! It helps identify the suspects. It’s not racist.

  7. Racial stereotyping can be dangerous, look what the worlds greatest con man Trump did in America, when he persistently referred to the “Chinese Virus”. It inspired the numpty racists to attack people who looked oriental, including elderly women!

  8. Peter Checksfield: always punching down. Your comment shows prejudice. It’s racial stereotyping. Comments like yours just add to our problems. Shame on you.

    • No, they show a possible cause why people of “Middle Eastern appearance” (the Police’s words, not mine) would rob someone of shoes and jackets – and then abandon the shoes, presumably because they didn’t fit. As Border Force were alerted to an inflatable boat off the coast just a mile down the road just 3 days earlier (see IOTN report), then I know where I’d be looking if I was trying to solve the case.

      I don’t give a monkey’s if you or any other of the PC/Woke brigade don’t like my comments, but what DOES bug me a little is that you seem to give more importance to them than you do for the welfare of those poor lads who are probably now too scared to go out after dark. I or my opinions aren’t important – those teenagers are.

      • A bit like the anti housebuilding in thanet brigade, often the very same people feel that there should be few if any restrictions on inward migration. Both opinions are valid (as are opposite views)in isolation but you really can’t have ever increasing numbers here in the uk and not build houses.

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