Ellington Infant staff and pupils get involved with Captain Tom 100 fundraiser

Little fundraisers at Ellington

Children at Ellington Infant School in Ramsgate have taken part in the ‘Captain Sir Tom 100’ challenge today (April 30).

Children across the school embarked on a number of activities and challenges, themed around the number 100, including a 100-lap relay race, and decorating 100 biscuits.

The money raised will go towards the Captain Tom Foundation, to support causes that were close to his heart, and remain dear to his family including combating loneliness, championing education and equality, and continued support for the NHS.

Ellington Headteacher Mr Ahmet said: “We were all very keen for the school to be involved in the Captain Tom 100 as we felt it important that we make an effort to continue the legacy of such an incredible man.

“Captain Tom emerged as a truly inspirational figure in a time great difficulty for us all. The children have enjoyed taking part in the challenges, and I hope will continue to be inspired to act in a compassionate and selfless manner.

“ It was wonderful to see how well everyone engaged with the day, with the school staff being very much involved too. This included Mr Hunt dressing as a monkey and monkey-crawling 100 metres down the school’s corridors! Friday 30th would have been Captain Tom’s 101st birthday, so I hope we have done him proud.”