Thanet fire crew rescues trapped ducklings in Minster

The duckling were saved by Thanet's firefighters

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to a property on the High Street in Minster today (April 27) for a mission to rescue ducklings who were trapped an outbuilding roof.

The crew was called at 11.47am by a concerned resident.

One fire engine was sent to the scene and crews used ladders to access the ducklings that were stuck and were falling through thick vegetation on the roof of an outbuilding.

Firefighters safely cut back the vegetation before moving the feathered family to a nearby pond.

They left the scene at 1.30pm.

The female resident who had called in the service said: “They were amazing.”


  1. Possibly the cutest story you’ll read this week ^. My daughter gets really worried when she sees ambulances or fire engines with their sirens and lights on. I’ll add this to the list of “possible emergencies they might be attending to other than disasters and tragedies”. It currently consists of things like rescuing kittens or women in labour being rushed to the labour ward. Any other suggestions much appreciated 😉

  2. Nice well done and why are people so stupid with idiotic comments it’s the future to save wildlife not eat it and kill and neglect good to see some people care

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