Priory Infant School pupils celebrate Earth Day 

Planet Preservers at Priory Infant School

Children at Priory Infant School in Ramsgate were very excited to take part in Earth Day celebrations. The day was organised by Emily Bartlett, the Geography Lead and member of the School’s Eco Team.

Miss Bartlett said: “We want to inspire our pupils to learn about the world around them and the importance of taking care of it. Our children have been talking about local environmental issues and sharing ideas about how to get involved.”

Iona, in Orange Class, who regularly goes litter picking locally, said: “We’ve got to help the Earth be healthy again, humans have made lots of things and it’s not healthy anymore.”

The children were concerned about the polystyrene found on Thanet’s Westcliff beach and were keen to know how they could help make things better. Across the school, children took part in litter-picking, making recycled paper, re-using plastic milk bottles and creating a campaign about reducing waste.

Head Teacher Tracey Sandy said: “It is so important that our young pupils learn about the world around them and the vital part they play in looking after our precious planet for generations to come.

“We learned about where all the rubbish goes” said Matilda from Purple Class. “It goes into a ginormous, smelly hole in the ground and did you know that if you have a plastic bag it will be in the ground for 500 years!”