Animal rights protest in Margate objecting to Charles River research site

Protestors against Charles River research Photo Carl Hudson

Campaigners for animal rights are holding a protest in Margate over experimentation at the Charles River research site in Manston Road.

The group from Stop Animal Experiments Kent are part of a worldwide effort marking World Day For Animals In Laboratories, which is observed every year on April 24.

Image @photographywithevangeline

The surrounding week has come to be known as “World Week for Animals In Laboratories”. The National Anti-Vivisection Society describe the day as an “international day of commemoration” for animals in laboratories.

Photo Frank Leppard

The protestors, wearing animal masks, are highlighting their objection to experimentation carried out at the site. A Kent Police patrol has been to the scene and officers say the protest is peaceful and there are no issues to report.

Member Evie Tuffs said: “Today is World Day for Animals in Laboratories. We are here at Charles River in Manston to protest the breeding and testing on animals by Charles River, bringing to the public’s attention that animals suffer in animal experimentation.

“Some 94% of all animal tested drugs fail in human trials. Every six seconds an animal dies in a British laboratory.

“World Animal Day is about raising awareness of such cruel treatment of animals, and so protestors have been gathering from 11am today outside Charles River in Manston Road as well as at the Coffin Corner traffic lights.

“Protests will take place around the world to mark this day. There is also a petition to ask our Government to ban animal testing and fund, accept and promote alternatives to animal testing.”

Find the petition at

Photo Carl Hudson

On its website Charles River says: “Animals have contributed to nearly every medical breakthrough in recent history, including treatments for cancer, diabetes, and AIDS, and they continue to play an essential role in the development of life-saving drugs for people and other animals.

Photo Frank Leppard

“The welfare of the animals contributing to research is of utmost importance and a prerequisite for the accuracy, reliability, and translatability of our research.”


  1. Where do you draw the line?
    Cattle, sheep, pigs?
    Rats and mice?
    Slugs, snails?
    Cockroaches, mosquitoes?
    Bacteria and viruses?

    • Be as kind as possible. I start by trying to be as kind as possible to everything. Killing and experimenting on sentient beings seems very primitive. 💚

    • This may come as a shock to many, do you know the Animal Welfare Act is unenforceable? I have discovered that Thanet Council can employ an Animal Inspector to enforce the Animal Welfare Act to enforce the Animal Welfare Act, but its optional, they don’t have to, and most other Local Authorities don’t either! Instead they refer incidents of ill treatment to the RSPCA but they are a charity, and are NOT accepting any more cases unless they are an emergency! That only leaves the police, who I contacted them by letter, and never received a reply! So, if TDC, the RSPCA, and the Police are not enforcing the Animal Welfare Act, who can? Thats not a rhetorical question, I genuinely would like to know what Statutory agency can enforce the Animal Welfare Act?

  2. if these experiments are to help humans why not conduct them on humans there are enough wrong uns in prison to practice on bout time the animals were left alone it is barbaric.

  3. How would you like your pet dog or cat to be tested on?

    I guess that’s a NO!!

    Then why allow this to happen

  4. Agree Kind Human but doesn’t M.P. Sir Roger Gale have the power to help instead of his agreeing that Manston be reopened so will still be used to fly in a percentage of the poor animals used in this barbaric way. He must surely act, as a Conservative who is on an animal protection committee (sorry don’t recall it’s correct title but will be on his website) can a petition such as CHANGE.ORG be started to get Sir Roger to act in animals best interests NOT POLITICIANS. Worth a thought I hope.

    • Its confusing to me how sir Roger gale is now condeming the killing of cats and dogs for human consumption? Speciasm? I wonder how he would face the decision of killing an animal himself?

    • Its the Conservative Animal Welfare Group, I have just emailed them, although I am not a Conservative, or member of any political party!

  5. It would be interesting to know what current medications have been developed partly by testing on animals.

    • Marva it is sick look at the pictures of that poor cat and rat what the hell can that achieve?you didn’t mourn for your pets very long so you wouldn’t care less what happens t o theses animals in a lab have you got a heart at all woman?again ta ta

  6. If animal experiments worked the hospitals would be empty and quite clearly they are not. Drug companies are there for one reason and one reason only – to make money for

    their shareholders just like any other business. They need you and I sick as possible as there is no profit from healthy people. Drug companies create customers not cures….

  7. I didn’t “mourn” for my cats at all. I was sorry when they died, but not for long.

    Animal testing can achieve, and has achieved, a great deal. As science develops alternative methods, the use of animals is now probably diminishing.

    • I am not heartless ,but there is no possibility of my feeling very sad about an animal, as it goes without saying that the way I feel about cats, hamsters and fish is nothing like the way I feel about my family and friends.

  8. Unfortunately we will all pay for the cruelty against animals! Covid is the start in my educated opinion, climate change is next. Nature is annoyed with the way we treat animals. Let Covid be a lesson to sort ourselves out and leave the animals alone 💚

  9. arth is finished suc arroganceMother Nature is only just starting with humans but hey the scientists are already looking to the next planet to destroy once Earth is dead the arrogance of man never ceases to amaze me.

  10. Exactly. Let’s take Covid as a warning. Climate change is about to change everything. We have experienced a taste. Fires In Australia. Floods in This country. Glacier melt. Iceberg melt. Polar shift. The worst is about to come. Humans need to change and very fast. Plenty of information. Read it fast

  11. Stop driving. Don’t fly. Buy very little that you don’t need. It’s not difficult. Nobby for better public transport, if your workplace is hard to get to without a car.

  12. As we are a nation of animal lovers where do we take are pets when they are ill they take them to the vet which includes yes u guessed medicines so without medicines to treat are beloved pets. how will they survive or even the human race.these people are hypocrites we have to have experimentation to save humans and animals it benefits all.

  13. You are no animal lover if you choose which animal you are going to save or kill! You become a speciest choosing between who lives or dies. I see my life no more important than any other sentient being that lives on this planet. The human race will not survive without animals or nature. The more we abuse the more we harm ourselves. Be kind and you might survive # climate change #zoonotic disease 🌱💚🌍

  14. I certainly see my life, and the lives of my immediate family, as the most important ones on this planet! I’d be lying if I pretended otherwise.

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