Newington primary pupils bury ‘life in pandemic time capsule’ for future generations

Burying the time capsule

Future generations of children will learn about the pandemic and the question of what it was like to live through.

Newington Community Primary School at Ramsgate has a helpful answer – children and staff have created time capsules full of information about the momentous events since the virus began its march across the world in early 2020.

The containers have been buried in the school grounds by a tree and the spot will be marked by a plaque.

The ceremony saw head pupils Brooke and Noah and their deputies Flynn and Jessica represent Newington’s boys and girls.

The capsules were filled with a variety of memorabilia including digital information from across the last year as children reflected on the events and their experiences of it.

Noah said: “It’s important to remember the last year. It has been a really difficult time so remembering the good things is so important.”

Brooke added: “It has been so important for everyone to be part of this, but especially Year 6 who leave this summer and this is one of the ways to keep us connected to Newington.”

Assistant Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy explained: “The catalyst for the initiative was a You Tube video called ‘The Great Realisation’, a clip which celebrated the positives from the changes made due to the Covid19 pandemic.

“We wanted to mark this unique year, and this seemed like the perfect way to be part of history.

“One day when younger generations are learning about the year of the Coronavirus they will be able to unearth the capsules and learn about it from the very children who experienced it first-hand.”

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “Our children, families, staff and those who support our school know that we have gone about our business in a positive and determined manner in the last year. We have respected the virus and stringently observed the advice on how to provide safe education during these unprecedented times; and we have continued to provide exciting, challenging, interesting and fun learning both in school and at home.

“It has been a challenging time but the Newington spirit rose above this challenge and demonstrated so clearly that together we are a strong and capable team dedicated to enjoying our learning and developing knowledge, skills and beliefs for life.

“The time capsules will offer an interesting and informative snapshot of a major historic event that we have successfully navigated at Newington as a team – I am sure it will be enlightening for those who unearth them when the time is right.”