Armed police attend incident in Cliftonville

Armed police at the scene Photo Thanet From My Perspective

Armed officers attended a call to Cliftonville yesterday (April 15) following a report of a disturbance involving a person with a weapon.

Kent Police was called to the report of a disturbance in Cliff Terrace at 3.15pm.

Photo Thanet From My Perspective

Officers attended, including armed officers due to concerns a weapon may have been present, and a man was taken into custody in connection with the incident.

The incident is not connected to the man who escaped from police custody yesterday (April 15).



  1. Cliftonville… The Wild East.
    Soon to be renamed Dodge City…Dodge the police, Dodge a job, Dodge border force, Dodge the rubbish bins.

  2. Time for another weapons armistice?
    Guns, Knives, grenades….. hand them in NOW. Police Station will gladly take them.

  3. Doc is right, I live in west Cliftonville. Avoid east like the plague. The difference between the east and west is dramatic. Partly due to the east being overcrowded and allowed to be by all parties in control of the council A landlords goldmine that has turned into a waste land for some of us. Central government are to blame as well. They created the laws to allow the landlords to get as many tenants in as possible. Cram them in and worry about it later. Neither Labour or Tory are blameless.

    • Think you’ve got your east and west mixed up if you are referring to the ward areas. As for the notion that there is a charter for overcrowding by landlords, the council have had 10 years of selective licensing under which every property that’s rented should have a licence on which there will be a maximum number of people entiteld to rent the property. (This number may increasemif the tenants then have more children or move friends/relations in) but council seem to do little about it.
      But the long and short of cliftonvilles problems are the people that live there. There are just too many that drag the place down. There was the infamous “dole on sea “ policy that filed the area with some hopeless souls , many have now died off. Then there was the housing association that had a block of 20 flats in Edgar road that “specialised” in giving problematic people from other parts of the country a new start in margate, that was an interesting idea. That block has since changed hands a couple of times and current housing association gives TDC nomination rights, so far fewer issues now.
      Drugs and the issues associated with the users and manner in which they fund their habit and the dealers are cliftonvilles biggest bugbear. But there seems to be little interest in dealing with it.

  4. No where is perfect. It’s such a shame that a lot of locals seem to ‘bash’ Cliftonville. I moved away 11 years ago, before the Turner and before TDC started banning HMO’s and turning blocks of bedsits back into family houses. It’s time to move back and I can’t wait. Cliftonville has such a strong community spirit and has improved greatly over the last decade. The sense of entrepreneurship with the large amount of independent shops is wonderful to see, the sense of change and energy around the area is palpable.
    Come to London, you’ll then see trouble and huge social problems but the wealth in the city does a good job of distracting from the issues, something that Thanet currently lacks.

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