Ramsgate admin worker and uni student turns ‘self-care’ project into an online business

Keziah has launched a hair oils venture

Working full-time through lockdown as a meal prep administrator and studying a media and communications degree at Canterbury Christ Church University made Keziah Morcom decide she needed some ‘me time.’

But the industrious 24-year-old from Ramsgate then decided that the hair oils she was blending for her own self-care could be in demand on the market – and she is now working on a blend that could help people suffering hair loss.

And so new online business Kasia was launched last month.

Keziah said: “I have worked full time throughout the entire lockdown and because of this I struggled to find time for myself and needed a focus to switch off from work and spend a little more time on self-care which I think is so important in everyone’s life.

“Whilst working full time, I’m currently also in my third year of university at Canterbury Christ Church, studying Media & Communications. This degree has helped me massively in terms of marketing and even learning the skills to create my own E-commerce website.

“I have been making 100% natural blends of different oils my entire life and when I was doing market research, I was shocked to find out there weren’t many brands doing the same as me.”

Keziah selects ingredients that will help to combat a particular hair issue and spent months testing out her blends on family and friends.

She currently has three products available to buy with two more due to launch this Summer.

She said: “I’ve always had an interest in haircare  but unfortunately, as a teenager I made a lot of bad hair decisions which ultimately left my hair damaged. As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed a passion for restoring my damaged hair by creating my own unique blends of oils used as hair masks.

“After extensive research, I am proud to say that each ingredient in Kasia oils has been carefully selected to target that particular hair concern. The three products I have launched specifically target lengthening , rehydrating and scalp recovery.

“I’m really excited to be launching and sharing these products with everyone and to see people benefit from the results.

“All the oils are hand-blended with 100% natural ingredients that have all demonstrated their abilities to help hair reach its healthiest, all whilst combatting the stresses of modern life through aromatherapy.”

Now Keziah is working on a product which targets alopecia.

She said: “This is for regrowth for people suffering with alopecia, I am in the process of testing this blend out – which isn’t released yet – on a friend of mine who suffered a lot at Christmas with hair loss due to stress. I’m so happy to see that her oil is working and she has started to regrow her hair.

“Seeing these results from people just makes me thrilled and I can’t wait for the future of this brand. I’m really looking forward to connecting with other small businesses in Thanet and Kent  to meet more haircare and beauty lovers.”

Keziah says her next target is for the blends to be stocked in a salon or a beauty subscription box.”

Find the products on the website at: www.wearekasia.com

or visit the facebook page here


  1. A lil blurb about not testing on animals…but no other information on the website to inform the customer if they’ve been through the rigorous efficacy testing required under uk trading standards laws, especially when making clinical claims (such as restoring hair loss)…

    • Is she actually making that claim? If she only says it might help restore hair then that isn’t a scientific claim.

  2. Sounds like a great little cottage industry venture… I’ll be looking out for them in the local boutiques and salons. Good luck!

  3. BTW conserned – I just checked the website and it looks like all the ingredients are listed on the individual product pages in the shop. Looks a lot purer than anything you’d find on the shelves of Boots. The FAQs spells out her values around animal testing. Sounds as though she’s been testing the products on herself for years. All looks kosher to me but you could always look up the ingredients if you’re worried. Prices looks good too for what’s in the bottle.

  4. I absolutely love this!
    Hand blended, completely natural products, no chemicals, no nasties, no animal cruelty, and nice healthy hair! What more could you want, all for a really affordable price!
    Can’t wait to try these, my hair is in serious need of rescuing!

  5. Could help people suffering hair loss? Nope, too much of could, maybe perhaps in selling these days. It means nothing but the gullible people trying things out in the hope it could be true. Perhaps maybe it could be true but my money is going on things that have clear claims & are proven to work.

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