Tree planted at Dell Gardens will bloom star-shaped flowers in remembrance of lost babies

Scott with wife Donna and children Holly and Sophia

Star shaped flowers to remember the babies lost before or at birth will bloom on a newly planted ‘remembrance’ tree in  Margate.

Scott Manclark and wife Donna, from Palm Bay, have planted the Magnolia in Dell Gardens at Northdown Park with the help of volunteers Meryl Hawkins and Barry Adkins, who devote their time to keeping the gardens maintained.

Pharma worker Scott and Donna, who is with the NHS, lost their first baby to miscarriage ten years ago and want to remember their little one with the tree. They hope other people who have lost babies will also feel welcome to come and remember and watch the tree blossom.

First bloom on the Dell Gardens tree

Scott, 42, said: “We had been trying to have a baby for years and had looked into fertility treatment so when we fell pregnant we had gone through a lot of turmoil to get to that point.

“We had gone for a scan and they said they were sorry but they couldn’t find a heartbeat. It was really distressing, we ended up sat in the waiting room where other people were waiting for their scans, it was awful.

“We got a tree for the back garden but it didn’t have much chance to grow and that is why we thought of Dell Gardens as it will be perfect for other people to go and remember their little ones too.

“In Spring Magnolia trees bloom with white, star-shaped flowers. I like to think that there is a star bloom for every baby who did not get the chance to be born or to live. I want the tree to be a place parents can go to and remember and reflect. They may have lost a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth or illness.”

Scott says the tree, which was planted by Meryl and Barry (pictured below), is in a beautiful spot which the volunteers work hard to look after.

He added: “There used to be a gardener, but he retired and now all the maintenance is done by volunteers. Meryl and Brian are there every week and we would like to thank them. It would be lovely if people stop and say hi and pass on their appreciation to the volunteers.

“It is a colourful garden and the tree now adds to that. The garden is really beautiful when it blooms and  there are lots of birds and butterflies – it is buzzing with wildlife.”

Scott and Donna were joined by their children Holly, 8 and Sophia,5, to see the tree, which was given half price by Ramsgate Garden Centre, put in place.

It has just begun to show its first blooms.

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  1. Beautiful gardens, well maintained. Lovely place to remember. Well done to the volunteers who work so hard. Nice that their efforts are recognised.

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