Car crashes into barrier in Ramsgate

Police at the scene Photo Roy Foord

Police are at the scene in Ramsgate after a car collided with a barrier today (March 26).

The vehicle hit the railings in Pysons Road at 3.38pm.

Photo Roy Foord

A Kent Police spokesperson said: ” Kent Police received a report of a car in collision with a barrier at 3.38pm.

“Officers are attending the scene in Pysons Road, Ramsgate to assist with recovery.”


    • Was moved round the corner! Your the sort that would moan of the traffic it was causing at rush hour. A.non. U wet wipe

      • Doesn’t matter if it was around the corner or not. I think the only “wet wipe” here is you, Johnny boy.

        The vehicle should have been recovered safely. Being overweight and loaded on the wrong way, is not, safely.

  1. Ifi it occurred during the “ school run” hardly a surprise given the appalling standard of driving/ parking/ waiting the parents exhibit. Really is about time the police started doing something about it at all the schools across the area.

    • Another pedant jumps to the fore, one officer doing the rounds of the schools on a random basis would be quite sufficient and they’d be very busy, probably be a bit of a revenue earner in the first few weeks if there was any appetite to issue a few tickets.

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