Immigration officials called to Manston after men discovered in back of lorry

Manston lorry park Photo Frank Leppard

Immigration officers were called to the Manston lorry holding facility yesterday (March 17) after the discovery of three men in the back of one of the lorries.

It is understood the men were found while the vehicle was at the covid testing site.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Three adult male foreign nationals, who presented themselves as Afghani, Indian and Bangladeshi, were encountered by Kent police in the rear of a lorry on 17 March 2020 at about 7.30am at Manston Airport.

“Immigration Enforcement were informed and conducted checks on the individuals’ immigration statuses.

“No further action was required from immigration officers and the individuals were escorted off the airport.”

It is understood the men were attempting to leave the UK.

The lorry facility at the site is being stood down from Sunday (March 21) although it is understood staff will be on site until at least April 3. A contract for use of the land runs until the end of June, meaning it could be reactivated if needed.


  1. This is becoming more common. However, the lorry driver could still be charged with smuggling if the border force and immigration chose to do so.

  2. They should all be arrested and charged with smuggling not allowed to continue on their way, makes no difference which direction they are going.
    AS Barry says, they could be on way back to smuggle more in.

    Do the trucks get checked at Manston? I don’t think so, so how were they discovered in the back?

  3. Stowaways on ferries should be locked up they put crew and passengers in danger in an emergency situation

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