Jail for Ramsgate resident and one other after violent attack in Canterbury

Agid and Serhat Yalcin

A man from Ramsgate is one of two who have been jailed for a violent attack  in Canterbury city centre.

Serhat Yalcin, of Norman Road, Ramsgate, and Agid Yalcin, of Wood Lane in Ashford, assaulted the victim, who is in his sixties, in the city’s High Street on September 1, 2020.

They stamped on and kicked the victim, leaving him with serious head and arm injuries which required extensive hospital treatment.

Serhat, 25, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm when he appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on Thursday, February 25 and Agid, 20, was convicted of causing actual bodily harm following a trial at the same court on Thursday, March 4.

On Thursday (March 11), Serhat, was jailed for nine years and four months and Agid was ordered to serve two and a half years in a young offenders’ institution.

The victim had been using a cashpoint at around 1am when he was followed by the two offenders, one of whom barged into him.

He feared for his safety and swung his hand at one of the two men, before he was knocked to the ground by Agid.

Both men then spent around 15 minutes repeatedly kicking, punching and stamping on the victim as he lay stricken on the ground.

Police arrived after the incident was seen by a CCTV operator and officers arrested both men at the scene.

PC Jack Rolfe, Kent Police’s investigating officer, said: “This was a horrific attack and it is very fortunate the consequences were not even more serious.

“The victim had visited a cashpoint and was intimidated when the two offenders approached him. The violence which was then directed towards him was totally unacceptable.

“Officers arrived on the scene soon after and arrested both men. The investigation which has followed has led to two violent men being removed from the streets.

“I hope our work and the punishment handed down by the court give the victim some sense that justice has been done as he attempts to rebuild his life following this offence.”


  1. Serhat i know and he is not a violent person this is totally out of character for him. Im not saying what he did was not wrong but 9 years? People raping babies n killing them dont even get that long with this fucked up justice system.

    • Of course Mandy – clearly two of the best characters that came out of Turkey, no doubt defending themselves from the 60 year old who was simply getting on with his life – reasonable response to pin him to the ground for 15 minutes while they battered him?
      Looks like you mix with some dodgy people if they are abusing 60 year olds and babies.

    • If you spend 15 minutes kicking and stamping on an elderly gentleman, who is stricken on the ground then yes you deserve a prison sentence. Most decent folk would say the sentence is too lenient.
      I just hope other prisoners see to it that his time is extremely hard… and they will.

  2. Need deporting along with any family connections the only way these will learn is to bring shame to the whole family

  3. Yes deport the soonest! But it has to be said, what on earth was the victim doing going to a cash machine at 1 am in the morning!

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