Year 8 at Hartsdown Academy to self-isolate following confirmed covid case

Hartsdown Academy Photo John Horton

Students in Year 8 at Hartsdown Academy have been sent home to self-isolate after a positive covid case was confirmed amongst the group.

Parents have been contacted today (March 12) and asked to make sure their children now isolate for 10 days under the advice of Public Health England.

Students returned to face-to-face classes on Monday (March 8) although some schools are staggering start dates.

A programme of covid testing within secondary schools means home testing kits have been provided for pupils and testing was also carried out prior to the March 8 reopening.

In a letter to parents/carers head teacher Matt Tate said: “We have been made aware that we have a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in year 8 at Hartsdown.

In line with the national guidance affected children must stay at home and self-isolate until  March 21.

If they are well at the end of the 10 days period of self-isolation, they can return to usual activities, including attending school –from Monday, March 22.

It is understood there are also confirmed positive cases at King Ethelbert’s and Minster Primary School although this is yet to be confirmed.

Pupils can either get tests at school, or they can be ordered online or parents/carers can pick up the home tests -maximum two boxes containing seven tests each per time – at Margate and Manston testing sites. Both are open 1.30pm- 8pm every night for collection of home test kits.


  1. Whitty stated the other day we’d have another wave by summer.

    Scientists and epidemiologists demolished Boris roadmap less than an hour after it was made public and stated the same as whitty did the other day. 30k more deaths, baked in AS MINIMUM.

    Boris has been ignoring sage, whitty and vallance all the way through this.

    He’d rather take advice from a dark money funded astroturf campaign like #usforthem than his own scientists. Just like how he took advice from Barrington Declaration bods last summer, on behalf of Rishi Sunak.

    • Is that the ones from the test centres at Margate and Manston as I was told they had 7 per box?

      • Ring local schools and do your own leg work. I’m not being paid, ergo, I’m not your source for this.

  2. It’s likely that this child was infected before the return to school but not showing any symptoms.

  3. They were all supposedly tested before returning to school. But testing is not perfect. There is room for failures in taking the test properly without clinical supervision, and the test results are not accurate in some cases. These tests need to be done more regularly in any case as twice per week can be too late when it spreads without regard to timescales. Daily before entry or keep on schooling from home. Harsh, but the only way to keep rates down. We all know environments with close contact, and children are where the virus multiplies fastest, why can’t Boris?

  4. Johnson said he was guided by the data & not dates, yet did the complete opposite! His ‘leadership’ has caused the highest death rate per capita & untold misery for the grieving families. The ineffective test & trace has cost £37Bn while an effective public service in Germany cost @ £3 million. He’s using a crisis to plunder public funds when we already had a public test & trace system that was bypassed

  5. Whilst all the afore scripted comments are valid I personally think that everyone has some means of access to the internet ,all should lobby their MP to bring this up in parliament and if boris wants to play politics then remind him of the power of the public in a general election ,and then and only then maybe he will listen to reason from experts and not his personal advisors like the departed DOMINIC CUMMINS , whose advice seemed to be do as you like if your me .

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