Matildas, Harry Potters and a Tiger come to Teams at St Laurence-in-Thanet Junior Academy

Celebrating books and their characters

Lockdown didn’t stop the children and adults at St Laurence-in-Thanet Junior Academy celebrating World Book Day 2021.

In school and at home, children chose to dress up as their favourite book characters or make a story character out of objects at home as they joined their daily Teams meetings with their class.

Matildas, Harry Potters and a host of other book characters joined in the fun. There was even a Tiger Who Came to Teams!

To mark the occasion, the teachers produced a special version of The Masked Reader, disguising their faces and voices to see if the children could guess who was behind the mask.

“It was such fun filming the show using the green screen,” Grace, one of the Year 5 hosts, said. “It was tricky to remember all the lines though.”


As well as joining in with lots of fun reading activities at home and in school, the children were treated to their teachers dressing up – although it turned out to be a feat to fit a mask over some of the costumes!