POW! Thanet announces additional free online events for March

Talk on drag and feminism

The POW! Thanet team has announced three free online events for March as an extension of the Covid-safe 2021 festival celebrating International Women’s Day.

The online events are three special panel talks: ‘Drag and Feminism’ with stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK; ‘How do we heal global trauma?’ about the world’s reaction to the pandemic; and ‘Is it good for you?’ about sexual empowerment.

The public can now register for their free ticket to all three of the online live-streamed panel talk events at https://powfestival.streameventlive.com/login.

On Monday, March 15, 6pm – 7pm, POW! will be live-streaming the panel talk ‘How do we heal global trauma?’ featuring Clarissa Renee, Jo Miller, Lena Chen, Megan Bradley, and Sivani Mata. A year on from the first appearance of Covid-19 in the world, this talk will explore the emotional and physical impact of social distancing, and how something that has changed the whole world can be healed. Experts in the fields of mental, emotional and physical healing will discuss life after Covid, and offer practical solutions to healing personal and global trauma.

On Monday, March 22, 6pm – 7pm, POW! will be live-streaming the panel talk ‘Is it good for you?’ all about sexual empowerment. This panel talk will be hosted by sex educator Ruby Rare, with Almaz Ohene, Lindsey Mendick and Rukiat Ashawe. This talk for all genders will explore agency, self pleasure and owning your orgasms.

On Monday, March 29, 6pm – 7pm, POW! will be live streaming the ‘Drag and Feminism’ panel talk. This is a one-of-a-kind panel discussion including five of the UK’s most exciting drag queens. It will explore the relationship between Drag and Feminism, hosted by Jacob Mallinson Bird who is a Lecturer in music at the Queen’s College, Oxford, has a DPhil in Music, and performs as drag queen Dinah Lux.

The panel includes superstars Bimini Bon Boulash, Asttina Mandella and Ginny Lemon from the 2021 season of Ru Paul’s drag UK, who each bring their own experiences of gender, identity, femininity, and self expression. The panel will also include star of Channel 4’s ‘Drag SOS’, Tete Bang (pictured), a cis female drag performer who has never seen gender as an obstacle. The panel will discuss where the worlds of Drag and Feminism meet, and the women that made them the drag queens they are today.

POW! Thanet’s 2021 festival took place across Thanet and live-streamed online from March 5-8 to celebrate International Women’s Day, reaching an online audience of over 2,000 people throughout the UK, from Thanet to Bristol to Glasgow, and abroad including Italy and Arizona.

Due to Covid, the POW! team reimagined the 2021 festival as online events and window displays around Thanet, so that they could still bring creativity, joy and inspiration to Thanet at this time when everyone needs it most. Seeing the impact the festival was having, POW! are overjoyed to bring an extra dose of inspiration with these additional three panel talks.

POW! events are for everyone, and all genders are invited and welcome to attend.

Funded by Arts Council England, the festival is in its sixth year, growing in size thanks to partnerships across East Kent. The festival values the local offer and the area’s creative talent, while reaching out into the UK and internationally for inspiration.

Find out more about POW! Thanet at www.powthanet.com

If you have any problems or questions, email [email protected]


  1. Hoe does a bunch of guys dressing up as women have anything to do with actual women? Awaits the cancel/toxic brigade.

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