Story book characters join classes at Newington for World Book Day

Book Day fun at Newington

Characters from children’s stories celebrated World Book Day at Newington Community Primary School this week.

Girls and boys joined staff to dress as some of their favourites as part of a packed programme of learning and fun activities in school and via home learning.

Throughout the day the magic of stories and books unfolded as pupils from all age groups became enthralled in puppet shows, storytelling, sharing favourite books, poetry, comic strips, micro art and creating a wide range of bookmarks.

Key Stage 2 children were thrilled to receive a personalised message from local children’s author Inky Willis who allowed them a special peep into the imagination of a writer for young readers.

A special video assembly was hosted by Newington’s English Lead Hannah Pullman, who arranged the World Book Day activities. It showed staff attempting the ‘extreme reading’ challenge of enjoying their favourite stories in unusual (but safe) locations including in a cupboard, on top of a car roof and in a car boot, in a shopping trolley, in the bath, in a canoe, and lying on a kitchen worktop.

In the message streamed online to classes and children at home, staff also shared their favourite stories and book characters as well as discussing why reading is important for fun, information, education and for developing imagination.

In the school’s singing assembly boys and girls joined in Newington’s original Reading Song which is so popular it has been watched more than 250,000 time on the school’s You Tube channel and has been used by schools around the world to encourage a love of reading.

Part of the lyric features this sing-along message: “When I am reading, I am succeeding, I pick up a book and take a look, my mind just starts to grow.”

Miss Pullman said: “It is clear from the feedback of both children and staff that everybody thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day at Newington.

“Although we were not all together in school, the Newington community spirit was with us all with so many activities uniting us and igniting children’s imagination and excitement for storytelling.

“Hearing from a real author also inspired pupils and helped them understand the process of writing a book.

“It is wonderful to have a day dedicated to reading and stories – we always encourage children to get lost in stories and enjoy the wonders of books. “

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said the event reinforces Newington’s love of literacy. He said: “Reading and comprehension are such important skills to develop and enjoy for the rest of your life. Our children had such fun and enjoyed magical moments creating memories that will live with them forever.”