This Island Raw exhibition through the lens of three Thanet photographers

Image for This Island Raw by Sue Fewings

Three Thanet photographers are displaying their work in a new exhibition which is being shown online.

Sinead le Blond, Sue Fewings and Mark Stanford exhibit pieces for This Island Raw.

Image Sinead le Blond

The trio met in 2019 and decided their more earthy style of photography was suited to a group exhibition.

This Island Raw depicts Thanet, interesting people and places as viewed by the photographer.

It is hosted by Ramsgate’s McGillan and Woodell gallery which is sharing the images online.

Image Mark Stanford

This Island Raw runs from March 4-March 16

All works are framed and for sale. If you would like to purchase any of their pieces, or would like any further information, then e-mail [email protected] or call 07906 308620

Find the online link here


  1. I have clicked on the link which brings up the McGillan and Woodell gallery website but I can’t access the images.

    • So go on the online link, click on exhibitions and then click on the name of each artist – I’ve just tried that and it works (I was doing the same as you and trying to get into the photos)

  2. Thanks Kathy.
    Congratulations to all three artists – I love photography exhibitions and it’s nice to read the photographer’s comments on their reason for taking the photos.

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. We have updated the website to make it a bit clearer , so please go back again and take a look at this brilliant exhibition.

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