Ramsgate sea scouts appeal for your pictures and stories about harbour Ice House

Ramsgate Ice House

The 6th Ramsgate Royal Harbour Sea Scouts group is appealing for people’s stories and photos of Ramsgate’s Ice House.

The group successfully took over the site at Ramsgate harbour under a Community Asset Transfer in 2017 but the site needs restoration.

It was once used to store block ice brought to the UK from Norway to be used in the fish markets. It has since had a variety of mixed commercial uses.

The Sea Scouts, whose association with the Ice House goes back many years, want to create a meeting hall, conference room, storage facilities, a boat shed, and purpose made changing facilities. There are also plans for a community café.

Group Scout Leader Shirley Appleby said: “Our aim is that through the sympathetic and careful redevelopment of the Ice House, it will become a vibrant centre for supporting our group and other youth and community organisations.

“Whilst we understand the significant undertaking that this project involves, we intend to respect the historic nature of the Ice House and the surrounding buildings.

“We are looking to hear from people who have historic photographs of the Ice House or stories about it. Perhaps people who have worked there or had parents, grandparents or great-grandparents who worked there. We are collecting information to help inform us during our planning phase and gather together the building’s history.

“We are also interested in hearing from people who might be interested in using the Ice House for their community activities once renovated.”

If you have any photographs or stories or would like to show interest in using the Ice House, then please contact the Group Scout Leader, Shirley Appleby at [email protected]

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  1. I am wife of Michael Butterworth (70) ,’queens ‘sea scout aged 17, his father Kenneth was group scout leader until 1980. Have few photos and newspaper cuttings showing admiralty inspection 1971 and how basic icehouse was .windows were gothic?? Ceiling had beams and white cornices. Two cupboards held sailing gear on one side , boats housed below, one boatnamed “Butterworth “ in memory of Kenneth about 1982 .

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