Newington parents to receive ‘home school hero’ awards

Newington head teacher Cliff Stokes

Parents of children returning to Newington Community Primary in Ramsgate after lockdown are going to be given a heartfelt token award for their excellent efforts home schooling during the pandemic lockdown.

As they drop their children at school they will received a badge and certificate acknowledging the vital role they have played in helping staff maintain the high standard of education for boys and girls who have been learning through specially prepared online activities and lessons.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “Without a doubt the pupils and our staff have been magnificent throughout the last year adapting to changes and embracing new ways of learning successfully.

“However we also know that our parents and families have played a major role in keeping learning on track and we are aware of the great efforts they have made to enable us to deliver our education effectively through remote learning.”

In a letter to parents Mr Stokes praised their efforts as ‘a key component in the formal education of your child.’

He added: “Having home-schooled, worked, and managed a household, you deserve a medal, or at least a Newington Winners badge and certificate.

“You should keep the award as a memento of the most extraordinary period of our lives. Your support has also made our jobs so much easier – I have been surrounded by children, staff and parents who have exuded positivity and enthusiasm for which I offer my upmost thanks.”

Referring to the March 8 official return for in-school learning, Mr Stokes added: “We are all very excited about the return of all children to school and are very much looking forward to seeing everyone. We recognise that each family and each individual will have had an entirely unique experience of lockdown – this means there will be a whole host of feelings about returning to school.”

To this end a return to school booklet designed to ensure a smooth transition has been produced and has been sent to parents and pupils to discuss.

He added: “We are very aware that many children have not been in school for a significant time and we will do our best to ease them in gently. Most children love routine so a return to formal learning will happen very quickly – teachers will have the flexibility to intersperse formal learning with active outdoor-based activities.

“We want children to have the opportunity to rebuild friendships and relationships within their class as well as catch up on any missed learning.”

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  1. Bravo!! Hope my kids school do something like this. It’s been hell juggling my own job (keyworking from home) with my children’s home learning. Found patience I didn’t know I had but we have had a lot of meltdowns too (myself included). I appreciate the quality of the teaching I’ve seen the teachers deliver but it’s only been 3 half-hour sessions per day. One good thing is that I feel myself and the teachers are more of a team. I’m proud of what myself and my kids have achieved together but I’d be happy if that’s the end of such intense home learning.

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