Vehicle stopped by stinger in Minnis Bay following police pursuit

Image Kent Police

Kent Police used a stinger to stop a vehicle in Birchington after a chase from the A249 near Sittingbourne.

At 10.50am yesterday (February 21) a driver failed to stop for officers when requested to do so.

A pursuit was authorised and the vehicle was later stopped in Minnis Bay following the deployment of the stinger.

A 31-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and failing to stop. He was later released under investigation.


  1. Never quite understood why this type of behaviour cannot be dealt with by keeping them in the cells overnight then in front of the magistrate in the morning. Job done. Released pending further enquiries seems the norm nowadays..

  2. You don’t just try and stop someone then chase them for 40 odd miles, blow their tyres out then release for further enquires. If they are dangerous enough you need to do all that then they surely need locking up.

  3. Totally agree with above comments. Lock them up overnight, charge them next day. Hopefully would put them off ever doing it again ! Sure that’s what the p9lice would like to do but be down to stupid paperwork- let’s get back to basics!

  4. We were sitting in our front garden when this blue bmw shot past, closely followed by three unmarked police cars and two blues n two’s plus the chopper overhead, great entertainment, the coppers seemed to be enjoying themselves also!!……what a Muppet though! fancy driving from Sheppey to Thanet being chased by the police, it’s like driving into a cul-de-sac and then shutting your eyes hoping they won’t see you 😂😂

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