Ramsgate man jailed for dealing MDMA, cocaine and ketamine

Tyler McDermott was sentenced on Monday (February 1)

A Ramsgate man found with more than £500 worth of drugs has been jailed.

Tyler McDermott, 21, was arrested after attending Margate Police Station in relation to an unrelated incident on Thursday 24 October 2019.

Searches of his vehicle uncovered ketamine, cocaine and MDMA, some of which was hidden in a plastic egg in his van.

Analysis of his phone found messages dating back at least three months arranging drug deals with users.

McDermott, of Telham Avenue, admitted two counts of possession of class A drugs with intent to supply and one count of possessing class B drugs with intent to supply when he appeared before Canterbury Crown Court on Monday, December 7.

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years at the same court on Monday, February 1.

Detective Sergeant Simon Hiscock of Kent Police said: “People who choose to deal drugs to vulnerable people in our community need to know that their activities will lead them to prison.

“The sentence handed down in this case shows that the courts take such offending seriously and I hope it sends out a warning to anyone tempted to get involved in drug dealing.”


  1. Drug Dealers & Drunk Drivers, it appears, will never learn that these crimes are against the Law.
    I think it’s time that, as an exception, all sentences for these crimes to be DOUBLED.

    • Funnily enough neither do rapists or child molesters but they get less time and most will re-offend.. drug takers ask for their drugs, rape victims or children don’t so worry more about the real problem 🤣

      • We worry about crime like drug dealing as it affects many more people and makes more lives miserable not only for the users but for the communities that have to put up with it, but all crime is bad and nobody should be putting one up against another as not as bad. It’s all a real problem to be dealt with by the police and courts!

      • Jas, you’ve obviously waited just for the right time to make your all time, one off chance for fame statement and then messed it up, they are not comparable but just as horrendous.

    • His charge has nothing to do with driving. Great lets expand your lovely failed war on drugs. How many more lives do you want to destroy with a policy based entierly on lies. If we are going to have a drugs policy lets base it on science so either we regulate and focus on reducing harm or weneed to remove the publics alcohol access and laws to send all those who drink (even in their own home) to prison.

      It isn’t very fair is it?. Nor is there any proof that harsher sentences equal less drug use dealing etc. Drugs do cause problems but the reality is that many of the problems and dangers around drugs are directly related to prohibition.

      Lets not forget that alcohol kills more than all illegal drugs combined.

  2. Think you need to think before you write horrible shit about people – he’s doing his time so it comments like this aren’t exactly are they mate. Get a grip

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